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You Don't Know Jack!

No description

Chrystina Wyatt

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of You Don't Know Jack!

You Don't Know Jack! MY ORIENTATION STAFF PIC! : ) SFA Campus Rec Fitness Core Workout Video
That's me on the left! : ) Who was SFASU originally going to be named after? What is this special section of spirited Lumberjacks fans called? Purple Haze What happens at home football games every time the Lumberjacks score? What does the SFA hand symbol represent? Where did the mascot Lumberjacks come from? Ole Cotton What is the name of this building? What is this? Who is SFA's biggest rival? What is the nickname of the SFA Fountain? Thomas Jefferson Rusk Surfin' Steve What year was SFA founded? 1923 What's the name of the cannon? November 17th Stone Fort Museum What is the myth about the Stone Fort Museum? How much does it cost for SFA students to attend home athletic games? What is this Saturday at SFA? What is the Homecoming theme this year?
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