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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Minor Characters

No description

carly neslaw

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Minor Characters

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Minor Characters
Mr. Richard Enfield
Enfield and Utterson walk together every Sunday and on one of these walks, Enfield tells the story of the door.
On another walk, Enfield and Utterson witness Jekyll-to-Hyde transformation at the window.
Sir danvers carew
Carew was murdered by Mr. Hyde on his way to deliver a letter to Utterson.
Because of this, we wonder if this is the reason he was murdered.
Poole is Dr. Jekyll's servant and suspects something is wrong with Dr. Jekyll when he hears his voice and it is different.
Poole goes to Utterson once he figured out Jekyll is disturbed. Together, they find Hyde's dead body in Jekyll's cabinet.
Dr. Hastie Lanyon
"These two were old friends, old mates both at school and college." (ch. 2, pg. 9)
Lanyon trusts Utterson and when Lanyon doesn't want to see Jekyll, Utterson wonders what's wrong.
Examine the role of the minor characters in the novel. how does utterson's connection to each of these men serve to advance the plot?
chapter 2, page 9
chapter 6, page 31
chapter 9, page 55
chapter 1, page 2 & 3
chapter 7, page 30 & 36
DR. Jekyll and Mr. hyde citations
chapter 4, page 21
chapter 8, page 37
chapter 8, page 40
chapter 8, page 45
Stevenson, Robert Louis.
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
New York: Scribner, 1886. Print.
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