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Ghiradelli Chocolate

Ghiradelli Chocolate packaging

Kierian Beasley

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Ghiradelli Chocolate

Ghiradelli Chocolate

Box Chocolates Protecting the product from
damage and contamination:

The boxes are made out of strong durable
material. Each chococlate is individually wrapped.

How the Product is Contained:

The company molds the chocolates
into a square shape. These are easy to store
in a square box To identify the Product:

Each chocolate and box has the
Ghiradelli logo both on the wrapper
and stamped on the actual chocolate.
The flavors and fillings in each chocolate
can be recognized easily Transportation:

The box is easy to transport and
carry because it is very light. It can
be stacked, and it limits the amount
of space wasted Stacking and storing:

The sqauare shape makes it easy to
store and stack boxes on top of each othe.
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