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My Personal Learning Environment

Today, students have access to a wealth of information using digital resources; depending on the information required, a broad spectrum of detailed techniques can be employed to learn using the internet. This presentation aims to show how I utilise these

Shoaib Hussain

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of My Personal Learning Environment

The Digital Learning Revolution The internet has revolutionised the world. Nowhere is this more apparent than in
the field of education.

With global, unlimited access to the internet, students and teachers are able to share and appreciate information at unprecedented levels; thus, for university students such as myself, the digital learning environment is an essential revision tool. Implications Tools The internet has many profound tools that are routinely used for learning. One of the most potent tools are search engines that direct you to millions of websites pertaining to that particular information.

There are also websites that are specifically maintained for educational and information purposes.

Some learning cannot be explained with texts and pictures alone, thus websites have been designed whereby videos can be uploaded and accessed - these can be very useful when you are required to visualise information. Examples The last slide showed how many diverse online tools can be employed for learning purposes.

Some websites routinely used by students are shown below:

www.google.com - the most successful search engine to date. Type in any piece of information and within seconds millions of websites pertaining to your search will be shown.

www.youtube.com - a massive library of videos covering a broad range of topics, from education to comedy, amateur videos to tv shows.

www.wikipedia.com - 'The free online encyclopedia' - one of the best tools to gather information on virtually any subject. Each 'wiki page' can be edited by anyone, and is under constant surveillance by a dedicated community to ensure that the information is accurate and unbiased.

There are many additional websites, to explore, but I feel that these three websites form a cornerstone in most students' digital learning resources. My Personal Learning Environment What is my assignment? There are an awesome number of tools available for research and learning. However, every assignment requires a different approach.

I will focus this presentation on my general technique when studying. The first steps Search the topic using Google.

Find relevant websites pertaining to the information

Copy information to Microsoft Word, read and edit to make an 'article' of sorts Making it stick In my experience as a student, in order for the information to be retained, you must find a way to 'make it stick'. For me, my best tool is Youtube:

Search for relevant videos regarding the information
If found, add the video to favourites and copy the URL to my 'article' on Word
Review the video 'to make it stick' Wikipedia As a science student, I am a little skeptical about using wikipedia for assignments such as practical reports due to the risk of plagiarism.

However, it is a great learning and revision tool when it comes to preparing for exams.

Simply type in the entry, and articles will appear on the subject.

After reading them, I will sometimes look at the links in the 'References' section.

The VLE, Leeds University The VLE is common to most UK universities. This is an essential learning tool, whereby lectures, practical schedules and videos relevant to different modules can be found.

An extremely useful aspect of the VLE are online tests which students can take to test their knowledge and reflect on any shortcomings.

This has been an immensely useful tool as a university student. A summary of sorts The Internet + Studying = Digital Learning For me, it means
Incorporate all this + + + Into this: Using this: Leading to this: + I hope you enjoyed this presentation. :)
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