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Copy of Investor Presentation

Snapshot of EquiSight LLC

Jay brenner

on 31 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Investor Presentation

Problem Solution David Matt Kenleigh Hobby Brendan Gowing | Co-founder, CEO Co-founder, COO | | CTO Outdated Technology Proprietary Interactive Technology
that will enrich the fan's experience The Race Track Horseman Owners & Gamblers punters & Consumer Sales License WhiteLabel of Content RaceTrack(s) resell/export content experience
OTB's, TwinSpires, Betfair, TVG, HRTV
P2P wagering platform to facilitate wagering (pre or in-race) Service
IP Infrastructure
Smart Helmet(s)
Fixed Camera(s)
Whitelabel Content Experience
Mobile/ADW/OTB's outlet Smart Helment
Fixed Camera(s)
Statistical Data/Training Aid
Data Plans Access content via Paid App
Integrate with an ADW platform
Create new visual and virtual experience
Increase interactivity/fan base
Increase handle Sell DIY kits to helmet manufactures
Sell own smart helmet(s)
Fixed Camera(s) sells
Data Packages 3G/4G Online and mobile _________ _________ ___ | Jockey Cam demo event Turf Paradise -Phoenix, AZ Admitted into
Arizona Center for Innovation (AzCI) EquiSight presents at 38th annual Symposium on Racing and Gaming Business Model The Complex business model, lack of unity! There is a need for reform.

Regulated state by state (38 jurisdictions) with no national governing body like the NFL or MLB

$110 billion wagered worldwide in 2010
$12 billion wagered in US in 2010

Opportunity to revive an old-school
sport, AKA "Sport of Kings" Why HorseRacing Source: The Jockey Club ? _____________________ _______________ & Arm Chair Director HIGH-IMPACT NEW EXPERIENCE Game changer The time is now... Kenleigh Hobby - David Matt - Brendan Gowing Stuck in the Binocular Era... Sports like NASCAR, MLB, and X-Games
have gone high-tech... -Bob Evans, President and CEO of Churchill Downs, Inc. “We’ve got to bring our video up to 21st century standards.......Within a few years we’re going to look like black-and-white television in color television world.” Jockey Cam demo event Colonial Downs - Virginia Jockey Cam demo Breeders' Cup World Championships - Kentucky info@equisight.com Incorporated
EquiSight LLC 04/18/11 | | | | 04/30/11 Team Duncan Taylor Advisors TK Kuegler IP Attorney Arnold De Guzman 05/12/11 07/30/11 11/05/11 | | 12/06/11 03/01/12 Admitted into VC firm and startup incubator, Wasabi Ventures 05/01/12 | | Accomplishments Goals Summer 2012 Raise capital Fall 2012 | | Q1 2013 Product launch UA Design Day
Winners of the
"Best Analog Design"
Jockey Smart Helmet Wasabi Ventures Taylor Made Farms Smart Helmet
HD live streaming video
Two-way communication 2) 3) 1) SuperWiFi wireless communication infrastructure
Transmits data to back-end servers Multi-View User Interface "Virtual Presence" Software
View multiple, synchronized videos from an event
Platform for new Advance Deposit
Wagering (ADW) site. (Patent Pending) (Patent Pending) Competitors Cutting-edge technology that offers a complete point-of-presence video communication solution Products and Services Licensing/Royalites of electronic components to helmet manufactures
- Professional & Consumer Smart Helmets Data and Bandwidth Packages 3G/4G Licensing Multi-View User Interface Software (MVUI) to third parties and Advanced Deposit Wagering (ADW) Outlets Advertising on video feeds and web site Resale GPS data to handicapping publications Trainer/Owner Packages (Includes fixed cameras and smart helmet(s) with bandwidth plans) Racetrack and Training Facilities IT infrastructure sales and installation Investor Presentation Other milestones "Ride the Race®" at EquiSight.com Serial entrepreneur,
UofA Race Track Industry Program Horse racing expert,
UofA Race Track Industry Program Software specialist,
Ph.D Computer Applications Immersive Video Technology

Founded in 2011 at University of Arizona - Race Track Industry Program
Three managing partners at 33% each
Founders have seed funded the company, $15k
Two provisional patents filed
Portfolio company for Arizona Center for Innovation and Wasabi Ventures Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @EquiSight Long term sustainability = scalability into multiple markets “Systems engineering, electro-optics and proprietary high-bandwidth wireless communications are resulting in a real-time system for EquiSight; one that has never been fielded before. It will add a startling element of realism and a high fidelity experience to the viewers." -Rick Gerdes, Chief Scientist of Medusa Scientific LLC Testimonials is Product and Software Development Smart Helmet Virtual Presence Software IP Wireless Communications Three layer system Smart Helmet Virtual Presence software SuperWiFi
wireless system Infrastructure installation Pro Model Jockey Consumer Model License video signal Subscribe to service/
revenue share Other uses? Military? 3G/4G data packages WiFi compatible ADW platforms Company Snapshot but horse racing has not! How it works Confidential and privileged information
Proprietary information of EquiSight LLC
Copyright (c) 2012 EquiSight LLC ______ Mission Commercial 1) 2) Competitive Advantage Experienced and knowledgeable management team dedicated to the industry 3) Jeff Kaufman Arthur Pegg European Wagering Services Nitro Startups CFO Anthony Grega (Pari-mutuel broadcast) (GPS Positioning) (Real-time graphics and stats) Current Status: Raise Capital How much? $500,000 What is that going to get us?
R&D of smart helmet & virtual presence software
Server equipment
Team build
1st contract with racetrack 100 + media publications featuring EquiSight
25 live race jockey cam videos, produced over 100 videos total
Jockey cam footage featured on ESPN, NBC Sports, Versus and various local news channels
Youtube 265K + video views
Facebook analytics - 250K
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