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Social Media for Graduate Jobs & Career Development: An overview

A 10 minute overview of how to use the main social media for students' and graduates' career exploration & jobsearch

Jessica Henderson

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Social Media for Graduate Jobs & Career Development: An overview

Profile Networking 100% Completeness
Get recommendations Pimp it - Add sections
Skills - searchable
Awards & Honours
Slideshare Aim for consistency across platforms But be aware of difference in etiquette/
style across platforms To Facebook or not?

+ Existing network (probably largest)
+ Recruiters are there & using it
+ Can use subscription feature

- Social; photos, posts etc
- Privacy issues; keeps changing! Global reach
Engage to expand
Connect with people you know already/ meet at events
Begin with common - identify specialist Use #
Create/follow lists
Join the conversation, tweet, re-tweet & engage
Complements LinkedIn Research Career paths of over
160m+ Globally Explore potential employers Ask questions of those in the industry Follow industry news-
Commercial awareness Network reach
Visibility of contacts' contacts Professional Groups Showcase writing, research & digital skills
Engage with other bloggers
Link back Take control of your 'personal brand' online
Clean up any 'digital dirt'
Facilitates broader networking & communication
Complement face:face networking, NOT replace it
Start small, 'lurk' and observe.....then ENGAGE!



j.e.henderson@leeds.ac.uk LinkedIn Learning Centre - videos, tip sheets etc

My bookmarks on Delicious
www.delicious.com/jesscareers/socialmedia Questions? Further Information: Summary: Jobs What Employers look for in candidates' profiles: Source: Reppler.com
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