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The Final Struggle- Amy and Jordan

The 7 year war, the final struggle

Amy Jordan

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of The Final Struggle- Amy and Jordan

By Amy and Jordan The Final Struggle Oct.25, 1759 Yesterday night we snuck up on the French. We waited for them in the Plains of Abraham, and they came rushing out of their fort completly unorganized. Their General, Montcalm, was killed but so was ours. We had won the battle in a short 15 minutes. Dec. 24, 1763 Hi my name
is William June 22, 1756 Today I arrived in the New World to fight in the British military. Today war between the French and British has been declared. Our general, General Wolfe, is planning a capture of Louisbourg to take place in about 2 years. Control of Louisbourg gives us access to the entrance of the St.Laurence river. Capture of Louisbourg, 1758 Capture of Quebec, 1759 We have now pushed the French out of Quebec and the Atlantic completly. We recently signed a peace treaty (the Treaty of Paris) which concludes a 7 year war. Signing the Treaty of Paris, 1763 November 12, 1758 We captured Fort Frontenac in August, and today we captured Fort Duquesne in the Ohio Valley. The French are now driven back into
Quebec, so now we will travel down the St.Laurence into Quebec and attack. William's Diary In 1713, the treaty of Utrecht ended the war. The treaty stated that all fur trading posts in Rupert’s Land, Newfoundland, and most of present day Nova Scotia belonged to the British. It also stated that the Acadians had one year to either leave or join the British for they now had control over the area. Since we have taken over all of the French's land, they have retreated to Montreal. We marched down to Montreal, burning crops as we traveled. When we arrived we fought the French and once again took control. Thanks For Watching! P.S Please give us a good mark! Conclusion 1613
Treaty of Utrecht 1758
British capture Louisbourg 1758
British Captured Fort Frontenac British Captured Fort Duquesne 1759
British attacked The Plains of Abraham 1763
the Treaty of Paris was signed Before William arrived in North America... The British wanted control over the fur trade in Rupert’s Land, Newfoundland, and most of present day Nova Scotia. This started a war between the French and British. To protect the area, the French established Louisbourg but it was poorly built. In response, the British built Halifax. The British mainly targeted Acadia for it's great location. Oct. 31, 1760 1760
British captured Montreal Bibliography "Canada Revisited, Grade 7" by Penney Clark, Phyllis Arnold, Roberta McKay, and Lynn Soetaert. Arnold Publishing Ltd., 1999 http://www.wikipedia.org/ Mrs.Polowin's notes (http://prezi.com/nuzdp7d2x5rx/new-france-a-brief-history/) Pictures From... orianacarthen.deviantart.com louisbourghistory.blogspot.com unluckygeneral.blogspot.com davidrwagner.com
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