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Dinnerware Exhibition

No description

Yang shushu

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Dinnerware Exhibition

Introduction of our company

is the goddess of the hearth, the right ordering of domesticity, the family, and the state in Ancient Greek religion and dinnerware related to family and domesticity.

Western style
Traditional Chinese culture
Cartoon style
Target audiences
Dinnerware is a term that use to indicate the tools that human beings use on the table to take food. It’s the symbol of civilization of human beings

We sell high quality kitchen materials, such as bowls, plates, chopsticks, cups, etc. The shapes and appearances of the tableware are with specific designs containing different cultural elements. We also combine the idea of healthy life with our products, which can develop the life standard of our consumers.

We aim to be the leading supplier in kitchen material market and we will provide the highest standard healthy services to our consumers.

Number of staff: 200

Mission & Vision
Innovation strategy
Process innovation:
We will buy the copyrights of some masterpieces and use the elements in the masterpieces as the pattern on our dinnerware, which would be mass-produced. Besides, Consumers can choose the newest pattern of dinnerware on Internet.

Organizational innovation:
Our dinnerware would be connected with consumers healthy system.
Technical innovation:
We will use new materials to make bowls, plates and other dinnerware, which has temperature insulation function, moisture function and disinfection function. Besides, the new materials can detect the quantities of nutritional ingredients of the food in the bowl and show the nutritional information on the outside of the bowl.

Three traits
1. Innovation and creativity
Changing the shape, color, size or other characteristics of the elements in masterpieces and then put the newborn elements as the patterns on our tableware.
The ability of update periodically to attractive more consumers and fulfill the new needs of existing consumers.

2. Adopting for changes and being flexible
Appearances to healthy care

3. Loving the art
Delivering the spiritual of arts to public,which is a more efficient and effective way to inheriting and developing art pieces.
Wooden ware
Green environmental protection is correspond with the modern lifestyle
A function of decoration
Cleanliness and safety,raw material do not contain the harmful chemical
Transparent and bright, attract more consumers
Like a piece of paper, draw whatever they want

Serve food and art creating
Stainless steel
High level of hardness
Sliver thing, like a outcome of high-technology
Heat preservation & cold insulation
Our products can keep foods in the optimum temperature, which can maintain the best flavor of foods for our customers.
Health management
Our products can analyze the nutritious components of your food and show the nutritious components in a small screen outside.
Collection value
Artists will paint and sign on our products, which makes our dinnerware contain cultural value and collection value.

You can make your dinnerware by yourselves
Plum blossom Gritty
Orchid Self-disciplined gentleman
Bamboo Unyielding
Chrysanthemum Elegance
we will select several crucial factors of some western famous masterpieces to decorate our products.
We cooperate with Great Annie, who is a Cenozoic cartoonist. She will draw some cartoon patterns on our products and sign on them.
Hestia company
City: Shanghai
New financial center of China
International trade centers
A lot of cultural and art events
Global corporations

Location of Exhibition: Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC)
SNIEC has made a rapid development with annually welcoming more than 4 million guests and around 100 world-class exhibitions.
Functional needs
Exhibition strategy
Dinnerware exhibition
Lynn 1131200062
Sunny 1131200063
Alex 1131200072
Ben 1131200057

Team 4
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