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Castroville PC Lab

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of josie

Socially ,
The France people where thinking why many immigrants or people religion are different
.school teachers will be trained to help kids. France and Venezuela both want to train teachers.
The new schools in France, and Venezuela had been failing kids and a lot of people are getting and becoming poor.
topic sentence
In Rome the Government of Rome forced the people to pay high prices and taxes to spend on food,and clothes.

The tribes where supposed to project the poor people but, many of them are poor.
Also, the people in France had wanted poor people to spend there money so that the solders had money for fighting.

However, Rome was low on money and people are moving because the country was really poor.

also, the french Government is making changes in the town of the poor

In the same way, the Government puts prices on many things like food.
France people stability was broken with violence to keep the poor people away.

Rome was selfish because they had wanted all the people money so they forced them to spend all there money.
Also, the people in France had to plane to block any methods that took wealthy from powerful people where kill in the housing project where killed in France.
All in All,
That is the different between France, Venezuela, and Rome that they have different ways of ruling there country.

Josie's prezi
France flag
France,Venezuela are very alike to Rome. Also, They are different .They all relate to Political,Social,Economical.
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