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21st Century Project

21st Century Skills vs. Content Project for Algebra 1

Jessica Richardson

on 20 October 2009

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Transcript of 21st Century Project

21st Century Project Oral Communication
In the 21st century project we presented an oral presentation to parents of freshman, and also on film.
Written Communication
In this project I had to create a write-up
to explain what we learned in our project.
We learned about r2 values, trendlines and graphing
Recieved good reports from group members, but collaboration in general was a bit difficult
work ethic
20/25 on GradePortal GradePortal Project Mathematics
ex. 90*.15+85*.10=x Collaboration
was hard because i was often absent Work Ethic
20/25 on GradePortal Written Communication
we had to write up paragraphs on our website and create a spreadsheet Oral Communication
presentation to Mr. Veach Website:
Lord of the Flies: Creating a Governing Sytem Content:
I learned the meaning of allegory. I also learned Golding's Philosophy, which states that there is evil in every living being. Also, I created a Charcter Chart, and my group made a handout, both shown below. Collaboration:
I think that I worked pretty well with my group, except sometimes I took too much control. Oral Communication:
We used oral communication when presenting our proposal Prezi. I believe that I did pretty well, other than kind of taking over the presentation, but I only did that because my other members didn't know all of the material. Work Ethic:
I worked very hard during this project, creating most of the ideas by myself. Self:
I found that I agree with Golding's Philosophy. I, as he does, think that there is evil in every living being. I don't necessarily believe that it will come out during stressful situations, but I do believe that during certain circumstances, different with each individual, the evil will come out.
I also found that I still am trying to work on my weakness of taking over while in groups, and I need to work more on letting my other members speak their mind.
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