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Traditional music of Singapore

No description

Camila Negrín

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Traditional music of Singapore

Music of Singapore
Singapore has a diverse music of culture that ranges from rock and pop to folk and classical. The folk music is the primary crowd puller in the numerous cultural centers spread across this island.
Singapore being the home to a plethora of cultural groups witch immigrated to the island. The music from these groups today has become the folk tradition or traditional music.
Folk music
The ethnic groups that made prominent place in the musical world of Singapore have been Chinese, Indian Malays and Tamil. The minority are Cantonese, Hokkien and Malay Bangwasan, the combination it´s called Peranakans. Some of the songs are. “Bunga Sayan”, “We area Singapore”, etc.
rock and pop
After the Blue Diamonds performed in Singapore in 1960, the pop music began to grow popular in the nation. Some of the pop starts of the area are: “Mike Ibrahim & the Nite Walkers”, “Naomi & the Boys”, Antarctics”, etc.
The band like Sweet charity had a huge influence and impact on the Singapore and Malaysian music that later steered to a tock outburst in the mid 1980s. Some of the bands: “Thunderbirds”, “The Crescendors”, “The quest”.
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