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Climbing Out

No description

Gabby Tressler

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Climbing Out

Climbing Out
Climbing out describes how you can "climb out" of situations that you are in that are difficult. Climbing out also means that you want to stop doing what is negative in your life, but it's not that easy.
The trouble that you are in is symbolized by a pot, and you are a crab. You're also in the pot with other crabs that represent and symbolize people in your life who want to hold you back. You are so close to getting out of the pot but you notice that the other crabs are trying to stop you by pulling you back in, just like trying to leave a group but the others within try to keep you in with them.
I personally like this Why Try lesson because I have been a crab in a pot before, and I can relate to the problems that occur within this lesson. I know that my future would not have been good if I didn't get out of the pot. Friends affected me in both positive in negative ways, some of them were keeping me in, and other were pulling me out.
Staying in the pot is easier because your closest friends are there with you, and its more comfortable.
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