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Mankind's Essential Illness

by Emily Koury, 3rd hour

Emily Koury

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Mankind's Essential Illness

In "Syria agrees to
cease-fire, sort of" Mankind is portrayed as having an "essential illness". This essential illness is a fault in all humans. It is shown that all humans, regardless of social status or other factors, display darkness in their hearts. Without order and civilization, we will all result to our primal state: chaos and savagery. This primal state is what resides in our hearts, which is ultimately evil. Mankind's
Essential Illness In Lord of the Flies, an initially orderly and civilized group of boys is forced to survive on a tropical island without adult supervision. These boys originally attempt to start a system of self-government with Ralph as their chief.
In William Golding's
Lord of the Flies... By Ashley Fantz, Holly Yan, and Hamdi Alkhshali by Emily Koury, 3rd hour Mankind's Essential Illness However, another boy, Jack, soon feels as if he could be a better leader for the group. So, he decides to break off of the main group and start his own tribe. Soon, other boys begin to move to Jack's tribe and abandon Ralph. With this shuffling of tribes, there comes a conflict. Ralph's tribe attempts to maintain order, civilization, kindness, and reason, while Jack's tribe immediately results to chaos, savagery, and murder. Eventually, Ralph's tribe is reduced to only a few members. Jack's tribe purposely attacks the others, causing chaos between the groups. A war evolves between the tribes due to this savagery from Jack. Innocent boys and mother sows are brutally murdered. Without order and civilization, the boys ultimately resorted to their primal state: chaos and savagery. With this chaos and savagery came an explosion of mankind's illness. The evil in their hearts finally made its way to the surface and made itself clear. The article "Syria agrees to cease-fire, sort of" describes the current rebellion by the Free Syrian Army against the government in Syria. The rebellion started in March 2011 and guns have been firing since then. The rebellion was caused by the dissatisfaction of the people for the government. This article describes an example of mankind's essential illness. Evil is clearly residing in the hearts of humans. Rather than having a written agreement between the two sides, they decided to start a bloody rebellion, killing thousands, including innocent civilians. After over a year of fighting (at the time the article was written), they were still reluctant to accept a cease-fire. Both sides felt as if the other would not hold their end of the deal. Outside sources do not believe the cease-fire will be effective, as previous efforts have failed within a day. Despite all efforts, both sides still feel a need to continue the bloody rebellion and show the evil that exists in their hearts when they revert to their primal state when faced with chaos.
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