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Social Media

No description

Art Siraviwat

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Social Media

Online social networking service
What is social media?
Web 2.0 or Social media are internet web-based services

- Information sharing

- conversation

- community building
What can it do for individual?
Based on online contents individual can:
credit to FunkymarketingTV
...Revolution waves...
source: What is Social Media and What Can It Do for Me?
Created and launched within the space of 4 months in 2006.
LinkedIn is a social network aimed toward professionals
Benefits of social media
Drawbacks of social media
Examples of Social media platform
what can social media do for businesses ?
Linkedin for Student
source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWp6AN00D_c

Social networking and
micro blogging service
“ YouTube is a daily destination for creativity, learning and free expression.”

1 billion visits per month
6 billion hours watched each month
100 hours uploaded every minute
Millions of subscriptions every day
Most viewed videos
Successful campaigns on
California: 2005
Create and share videos, connect and discover others all around the world.
Dealing with crisis
Know who is talking about you and what is he/she saying
Quick feedback
Honesty, say sorry when it is your fault
60% of Twitter users access form mobile
On average, over 400 million tweets being sent per day
Children's drawbacks of using social media
Starbucks 'Tweet a Coffee'
Starbucks has taken e-gifts to a whole new level. Now you can buy coffee for a friend via Twitter.
Successful Social media campaigns
Social media is one of the most effective, if not cheapest, ways to engage with existing customers and increase awareness of a brand among new markets. With huge proportions of the world’s population actively using at least one of the many social networks, it would be unthinkable for any marketers not to use social channels.

There is no quicker way to communicate a message, nor an easier way for people to share multimedia content. Content released over social media can have immediate effects – with themes trending in Twitter in mere minutes.

Dancing Pony
Three Mobile’s dancing pony campaign was one of the biggest successes of 2013.
Social Media drawbacks for business
Strategic shift
Non-controlled media
No schedules
Bad publicity spreads through social media
A new survey from Social Media Examiner reports 89% of small and medium-sized businesses report increased exposure and 75% report increased traffic as the top two greatest benefits of using social media.
Benefits for a business.....

Increased business exposure

Insight about your customers

Reduced marketing expenses

Target your audience

Strengthens customer loyalty

Increased website traffic
The Real Beauty Campaign
The Goals of
the campaign

•Build brand love and loyalty

•Turn beauty into a source of confidence, not anxiety, for women

The Approach

•Produced a three minute video, Dove Real Beauty Sketches, which was uploaded in 25 languages to 46 Dove YouTube channels

•Encouraged audience participation through YouTube brand channels, YouTube video responses, Google+ Hangouts, and a Google+ page

The Results of the campaign

•The most watched online ad ever, according to Unilever, with over 163 million views globally

•4.6 billion media impressions; it reached 275,000 followers on Google+

More than 50 million users
Usually seen as an online version of your resume (CV), but it’s actually so much more than that
LinkedIn can help you grow your business, expand your knowledge, and employed benefit for new graduate students
Nike is known for using extreme marketing tactics to try and steal the limelight from its competitors, and during the London Olympics it managed to outshine official sponsor Adidas with a massive billboard and social media campaign around the capital.Nike set up hundreds of billboards around London featuring the #findgreatness.
1. Which social media is generating the most revenue?
2. Which social media is founded by three-pay-pal employee?
3. Which social media network is not blocked in China?
4. Which social media was inspired by HotorNot.com?
5. Which music video is most viewed on YouTube?
6. What is the wackiest language you can change your Facebook profile setting to?
7. Why is the Facebook design blue?
8. Which country uses the most of social media?
9. Who is most followed in social media
10. Which social media network is visited by male? female?
11. Which social media is still growing?
12. Who has re-tweeted tweet to date?
Find an example of a social media campaign gone wrong?
Is social media a trend? Do you think it might be relevant today or might be extinct in the future.
Business actions
1. Customer service

2. Reputation and Crisis Management

3. Influence the market

4. Advertise
Baby & Me
72m views in Youtube in 11 months

2250% ROI

9th most shared video

120,000 tweets / 1m shares / 289,000 Facebook comments
(The Guardian, undated)
(Youtube Group, undated)
According to Socialmediatoday,
52% of small businesses found their customers on Facebook in 2013.

Fans Equals Customers! 51% of Facebook users are more likely to buy from the brands they follow. (source: Crowdspring)
80% of customers on social networks prefer to connect themselves to brands through Facebook (Source: Socialmediatoday).
Every 20 minutes there are over 1 million links shared on Facebook
Case Studies
London Olympics social media campaign
Starbucks has been at the forefront of mobile integrations already allowing you to purchase coffee through the Starbucks app as well as track rewards and free coffees.
It immediately went viral across the social media platforms, receiving one million views over the first weekend.
Over 7.5 million YouTube views to date
Cadbury’s launched their ambitious campaign – to construct a giant Facebook ‘like’ thumb from pieces of Dairy Milk bars - in order to increase engagement on their Facebook page.
The idea was to present fans of the page with the thumb as a symbol of thanks for hitting to one million fan-mark. The chocolate firm ran a teaser campaign before the event, then streamed a real-time video of the project, which was seen by 350,000. Cadbury’s also gained an additional 40,000 new fans on their Facebook page.
For children and teenage:

enhancing communication
broadening social connection
learning technical skills
For Business

Used as a marketing tool to promote their products and services.
Market Intel for business
R & D for business to shape and module the product and service to the customer
Connecting to other areas of networks.
(Gandhi, 2012)
(Kirkland, 2011)
(Kirkland, 2011)
(Kirkland, 2011)
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Not just the number of 'likes' in a Facebook page

Creative and interactive actions in social media are used to engage consumers

'You have to give your audience something unique that they can't get elsewhere and give them a reason to shout about it. If you get those things right, you can achieve massive return on investment' (McGeoch, undated cited at Marketing Agencies Association, 2013)

The future Social Media Trends for business: improve the quality of B2C communications, geolocation, micro-video and mobile platforms and short lived content
Conley, n., Lull, K. & Monsalve, L. (2010) What is Social Media and What Can It Do for Me?. NASN School Nurse. Available from: nas.sagepub.com/content/25/2/70.citation [Accessed on 21.02.2014]

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