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ICT in Education

No description

Sinead Tuohy

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of ICT in Education

Brian Donnelly,
Tipperary ETB

Incorporating ICT into Adult & Community Education
About Me...
My Family
County Tipperary
My Work
Community Education Facilitator with Tipperary Education & Training Board
ICT Teacher in Nenagh Vocational School
The Irish Education System
Adult & Community Education
Developing Numeracy & Literacy
Skills for Work Programme
Back to Education Initiative
Family Learning Programmes

ICT Courses
Use Google Docs for learner surveys
Digital roll books using iPads

Specialised training for interest groups- eg farmers

Develop literacy and numeracy through ICT

Level 3/4 on National Framework of Qualifications
ICT Teaching ~ Second Level
Level Four on National Framework of Qualifications

Developing skills in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, graphics.
Computer Programming
Animoto Video & Weebly Web Design

Combine images and sound to create videos. Free education accounts with templates and longer videos

Easy to create a unique website, blog with free accounts
Bloom's Digital Taxonomy
Students can:
Learn the fundamentals of programming .
Explore programs made by others
Write their own programs and share them!
Thank you
Go Raibh Mile Maith Agaibh

Most popular course choice in community education

Basic ICT courses for adults returning to education and upskilling in the workplace

Outreach groups in rural areas
Study Visit
Santiago de Compostella
June 2014
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