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No description

Rebecca Dupuis

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Diabetes

Diabetes What is Diabetes? Type 1 Diabtes The insulin producing cells(beta cells) are destroyed. These are the only cells in the body that produce insulin. Diabetes is a disease where your pancreas either doesnt work, or does not work to it's full efficiency. Type 2
Diabetes The person's pancreas is not fully working,but they are still recieving some insulin from the beta cells. what is insulin?
insulin is a horomone that regulates the body's sugars and other nutrients. Insulin is produced in your pancreas. There are 3 ways to recieve
insulin into your body. Cure? Curretly there is no cure for Diabetes.
Some ways that are under investigation are,
1. a pancreas transplant
2. islet cell transplantation(produce insulin)
3. artificial pancreas development
4. genetic manipulation( fat or muscle cells that don't normally
make insulin have a human insulin gene instead) Type 2 diabtes does not need a device to get insulin
into your body.However, type 2 diabetes does need
to be watched because when you need to have a
certain diet that needs to contain a certain amount of
sugar. Daily Life Diabetes does not affect your daily life. However, for type 1 diabetes, if you are playing outside you need to "check your blood" in order to see if you need insulin. Although, no matter what you can still be active and carry out your regular everyday life. Also, if you have been active then for type 2 diabetes, a smart idea would be to have a healthy snack afterwards. Is diabetes a Genetic disease? With twins, if one twin has type 2 diabetes, the others risk is a 75% chance they will have it also. When one twin gets type 1 diabetes, the others risk of getting it is a 50% hance. When you have diabetes that does not mean you child will get it. In order for them to get diabetes, they must inherit a predisposition(to give a tendency to beforehand). Also, something in their environment must trigger type1. 1970-doctors and researchers believed that juvenile diabetes had just suddenly developed. Symptoms and development symptoms-
high thirst levels, constant hunger,weight loss no dieting), blurry eyesight, extreme fatigue, nausea, vometing Alzheimers may forget many things name, relatives, past events...etc.), become frustrated,having trouble sleeping, and many more difficultes. This is a progressive Brain disease that is slowly destroying your memory and thinking skills, and eventually your ability to be able to carry out tasks.
This is a disease is known by many people, but no one knows how this started or how you get it. treatments- helping the person, trying to maintain their mental functions and slowing,delaying, or preventing the disease
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