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Hero Project-Vince Neil

No description

Mark Lavish

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Hero Project-Vince Neil

Vince Neil Basic Info/Early Life Born Vincent Neil Wharton
Born February 8, 1961 (Age 49)
Occupation: Musician/Songwriter
Lived in Hollywood, Inglewood, Watts, and Glendora
Expelled for fighting and drug use
Lived with future bandmate Tommy Lee Early Career Joined Motley Crue in 1981
Released debut "Too Fast for Love" that year
Released "Dr. Feelgood", their highest selling album, in 1989
The band went through drug rehab due to Nikki Sixx's heroin overdose Skylar Neil Neil's daughter died due to a cancer of the kidneys
Despite chemotherapy and surgeries, she passed away in August of 1995
Created the Skylar Neil Foundation
Goal is to raise money and awareness of diseases such as cancer and HIV/AIDS
Hosts an annual golf tournament to raise money

Reuniting with Motley Crue The band reunited in 1997
Any member caught drinking was fined $25,000
An episode of "Behind the Music" featured the band
After the episode aired, the band was back in the spotlight Business Ventures Opened a tattoo shop called "Vince Neil Ink"
Created the "Off the Strip Poker Tournament"
Launched his own brand of tequilla called "Tres Rios"
Opened "Dr. Feelgood's Bar and Grill" Dingley and Neil In 1984, Finnish band Hannoi Rocks went on their first American Tour. Drummer Nicholas Dingley and Vince went on a drive later that night. Neil lost control of the vehicle and hit another oncoming car. Dingley was killed on impact. Motley Crue's third studio album was dedicated to Dingley. Television/Film Had a small apperance in Police Academy 4
One of the member of "The Surreal Life"
Appeared in an episode of "Still Standing"
Appeared along with Motley Crue in an episode of "Bones", performing "Dr. Feelgood"

Married 4 times
Currently married to Lia Gerardini

Why is he a hero? Where is he today? Marriages Motley Crue Still with Motley Crue
Released an autobiography of the band titled "The Dirt"
Movie based on the book will premire in 2011
Headlines the annual "Crue Fest"

"Legacy" Influenced many rock bands, such as:
Papa Roach
Linkin Park
Marilyn Manson
The Living End
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