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sioux prezi 436

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on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of sioux prezi 436

THE SIOUX IND ANS UNUSUAL SIOUX CUSTOMS THE SIOUX INDIANS HAD SOME UNUSUAL CUSTOMS. The Great Spirit The Great Spirit was one of the 2 Sioux spirits, the Great Spirit and the White Buffalo Calf Woman. However, the Great Spirit is the only Sioux God. Sioux pray to the Great Spirit on special occasions. White Buffalo Calf woman The White Buffalo Calf Woman gave birth to the Sacred Pipe Religion. The Sacred Pipe Religion is a religion where the White Buffalo Calf Woman gives each tribe a pipe to smoke tobacco with. Funny, huh? Where they Lived "So where did they live, anyway?" For more, keep listening... The Sioux live in South Dakota, Montana and the Great Plains. Sioux that lived in South Dakota saw a lot of hills, because South Dakota is full of hills, especially the Black Hills.Sioux lived near many water sources, including the Mississippi River and nearby lakes. The Sioux who lived in Montana saw many mountains. (And a description of where they lived) Sioux food The Sioux ate a substance called pemmican that was stored in animal intestines and bladders, which is truly disgusting, if you ask me. Somewhat more decent food includes buffalo, fruits, veggies, nuts, and other meat Did you lose your appetite when I told you about pemmican? I'm truly sorry. Personal appearance The Sioux had light brown to dark brown skin. Some Sioux men, usually war chiefs, wore feather headdresses. Sioux dresses were decorated with various objects, including teeth and claws. When the white men came to Sioux territory, they obtained glass beads. Tribal arts and crafts Sioux women were taught to make clothing and quill decorations, and men were taught how to hunt. Since the men loved to hunt and the women loved to sew, the Sioux were very skilled at arts and crafts. Most of the things that the Sioux did were essential to their survival. Tribal art or craft Interesting Facts The Sioux got their horses because the Spaniards lost them. The Spaniards actually lost their horses, and the Sioux found them. The Sioux then found the horses and kept the "sacred dogs" as their own. Finders keepers! That's the end. Now, we will conclude with 3 epic words. The Sioux Indians
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