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BP Oil Spill

Causes and effects

Chen YuMing

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of BP Oil Spill

BP OIL SPILL 1998 December Construction of the Deep Water Horizon began 2001 February The oil rig is delivered into the gulf of mexico 20 April 2010 Explosion occured at the deep water horizon What actually happened? Killed 11 people and injured 17 of the 126 people on board 22 April 2010 Deep water horizon sinks 5,000 feet below water 24 April Oil is found leaking from the well 25 April BP Tried to use remote-controlled robots to activate the blowout preventer, a valve designed to seal off the well in case of the emergency but to no avail. 26 April The slick of oil on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico stretches for 100 miles, global prices of oil increases 28 April estimated leakage of 53,000 barrels per day 1 Barrel = 117.3 l 53,000 barrels = 6,216,900 l 2 May BP also begins work on the 2 relief wells. Once a relief well intersects the damaged well, mud and cement could be used to stop the oil from escaping ` 7 May BP lowers a containment dome over the gushing well but the formation of ice like hydrate crystals floats the dome away 11 May BP, Transocean and Halliburton, the three companies involved in the Deepwater Horizon drilling operations, all blame each other for the disaster. 5 July BP says the oil spill response has cost the company $3.12b, including the cost of containing the spill and cleaning up the oil, and the cost of drilling relief wells. 15 July after numerous attempts to stop the leaks, BP installs a capping stack,and stops the leak completely for the first time, but this seal was only temporary 2 August BP will attempt to stem the flow of oil with a 'static kill' in the next 24 hours. The procedure involves pumping heavy drilling mud and cement into the well. 19 September 17 September The relief well finally intercepts the oil well and pumps cement into the damage well to seal it permanantly The ruptured well is finally sealed and dead :) Total of 4.9 million barrels spilled Environmental effect Oil Spills damage beaches, marshlands and fragile marine ecosystems How? •Coat everything it touches
•Grasses absorb the oil, which can damage the plants and make the whole area unsuitable as wildlife habitat. •Kill and contaminate many fishes and smaller organisms that are essential links in the global food chain. Oil spill kills bird, fishes and marine mammals How? clogs the blow holes of whales and dolphins, making it impossible for the animals to breathe properly
Disrupts their ability to communicate Oil spill can cause damage by contaminating their food supply. Marine mammals that eat fish or other food that has been exposed to an oil spill may be poisoned by the oil and die Sea turtles turtle eggs contaminated by oil may fail to hatch or produce weakened, deformed hatchlings
hatchlings risk being impaired or overwhelmed by an oil slick
spend much of their time swimming at the surface, making them more likely than adults to run into a slick
attempt to feed upon tarballs, the dark chunks that form as crude oil weatherizes,
oil can kill huge swaths of seagrass, resulting in mulnutrition for the turtles Birds Gulls, pelicans and other birds that frequently land and float on the water
oil destroys the insulating quality of their feathers
oil causes the feathers to stick together, resulting in the birds being unable to fly
Birds groom their feathers with their bills, inevitably consuming some oil
Breathing in oil can lead to pneumonia, neurological damage and eventually cancer. Oil Spills Destroy Wildlife Habitat and Breeding Grounds Economic effect Fishing industry The seafood industry has long been at the heart of coastal Louisiana’s economy.
Shrimp, oysters and other seafood pump $2.4 billion a year into the Gulf coast economy
BP oil spill comes during spawning season
threatening the survival of the next generation of the Gulf’s fish and shellfish
No one dares to eat the seafood there as they are afraid of food contamination Tourism many people cancelled their vacations due to the spill
The sea was poluted and the beach was unsafe
economic impact of the oil spill on tourism across the Gulf Coast over a three-year period could exceed approximately $23 billion
BP spends $78 million to help Louisiana tourism and test and advertise seafood The Gulf accounts for about 20 percent of commercial US fishing.
The fishing industry accounts for about one in 17 jobs in the region
many small fishers are threatened with bankruptcy after only a small period of lost revenues. BP in numbers 4.9 million : total oil spilled
130 miles long and 70 miles wide: size of oil slick
12,000 residents : unemployed after the spill
400 species : threatened by the spill
$7.8billion : total amount paid by BP for the spill Thank you :)
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