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Public Renting

No description

Sergio Lopez Figueroa

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Public Renting

Public Renting


a public voice for private renters in London
Sergio Lopez Figueroa
"my flat made me sick"
The problem
Health and Housing is not a private matter
2.7 million private renters in London / 98.822 in Ealing (2011 census)
1 out of 3 household renting in London has children
1 of 8 tenants don't complaint about poor living conditions
33% of people with housing problems suffer from poor mental health
No definition of DHS (decent home standards) in landlord licensing
Poor housing is costing the NHS £600 million a year
Only 10% renters with housing legal issues sought formal advice
The perception of real legal problems are seeing as 'bad luck'
Fear of complaining due to retaliatory eviction.
No sense of community
amongst private renters
No multi-agency support for
complex needs
(financial, legal, housing)
25% children high risk of severe ill due to poor living conditions
The solution:
change from within
Section 21

community choir
of private renters in London
10F + 10M 21 complex real life stories of renters. Mixed skills
Inclusion of mental health assessment to Environmental Health
Connecting 3 Hs together (House / Home and Health) in PRS
Build sense of community. Emotional support. Fun and Wellbeing
Bringing therapeutic activism through social / creative activity
Create a common voice to advocate for change
Peer to peer support and
professional advice under one roof
Regular meetups across London.
Starting in Ealing with choir recruitment
Compose and record Private Renting Hymn
Campaign long term goals by 2020
Compulsory Mental Health Assessment
Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) enforced by councils to assess level of urgency, enforcement action and support to private renters.

If we are paying a fortune, we want quality of living


for PRS as compulsory condition to licensing for private landlords to make poor housing history. Work in partnership with architects, social workers, Healthcare professionals, psychologists and other specialists to define its components.

3. Create and publish a
rogue landlords blacklist of poor housing for rent

exploiting the most vulnerable members of society. Make sure council enforce inspections and penalties by making easier to complain.

starting point
Composer / Videographer
Single father
Social Entrepreneur
Long term poor living conditions
Mild Mental Health conditions
Congenital heart condition
Experienced homeless
Teaching assistant and piano tutor

Let Down
window 2 mm thin
Environmental Health had no power
of inforcement to landlord
Poor Housing Living Conditions :

By the way, wouldn't be great to have a helpline number for private renters? To be fair, we need a balance. This is not a war against landlords only to those rogue ones exploiting the most vulnerable members of our society and those living in constant fear of eviction for making fair complaints.

Actions and timeline
Stage 1. Start up
July - November 2016
Recruitment, Promotion and Engagement
PR meetup group
3 min teaser video
Website / Blog
Healing Ealing

launch in October
S21 choir members and collecting 20 stories
Rehearsal space for weekly rehearsals
Engagement with partners
MP, GR, LR + local community groups
Stage 2 Consolidation and Growth
December 2016 - March 2017

Launch of
for actions at parliament
Volunteer and probono specialist professionals
Regular weekly clinics probono in London (N,S,E,W)
Humming in Harmony mindfulness for Renters
Participation at related events and eviction actions
Community performances to promote campaign and S21 choir
Launch of crowdfunding campaign for composing / recording Hymn

Stage 3
April 2017 - December 2017
1,000 voices at Southbank Centre and Trafalgar square event
App development for private renters and rogue landlords blacklist
Sustainable model replicable model

Three goals achieved!
in 2013 Let Down! London Renters campaign
"By 2021
Section 21
has become the genuine PR voice for the community of home renters in London, providing support to the most vulnerable members of society, combining healing, information and action.
Public Renting
advocates for quality of living for all renters in London in collaboration with community grassroot groups and other activists in the city"

Healing London 2017
at Southbank Centre's Voice Lab anual event has become a reminder of what an inclusive and livable city should sound like!
(Timothy Robbins, The Guardian)
Joining voices together. This happened in 60 minutes
Would you like this?
Sign it Loud!
Evening Standard feature
click here
Have you watched this report from sky news?
Slums returning back to the UK
Room with a tree, yours for £100 a week
Clapham 'bed-under-stairs' advertised for £500 a month
First complaint
song written by Sergio taking real life stories,using a public piano at Herne Hill station. The pop up choir was participatory and therapeutic!
Get in touch with Sergio if you want to help this campaign as a volunteer or become part of the choir sing@section21choir.uk
Read this article published in local papers across London
26 July 2016
We are not alone!
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