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Positive and Negative Deviance

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Veronika Latawiec

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Positive and Negative Deviance

Analysis of Rosa Parks
-Rosa Parks can be defined as a rebel according to the Merton's Strain Theory for her actions against social norms
-At the time period, it wasn't right for an African American to defy what a white person was asking them
-She started a wave of social equality for all races to be treated fairly
-Represents positive deviance, even though she was going against social norms, she created a positive effect on society
Overview of Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks
Overview of the Hunger Games
A popular Hollywood movie where every year the government in the Capitol organizes an event known as the Hunger Games: a bloody, gladiator-style fight-to-the-death battle between 24 randomly-selected teenagers from the oppressed Districts of Panem
It is shown on T.V. as a reminder to the residents of the Districts of the totalitarian government’s ultimate power.
The individuals had to battle and kill each other until only one person was remaining who would be announced the winner, making them rich and providing resources for his/her district.
Katniss and Peeta were the last two standing and they went against the ways of the games and that one action changed the entire Games forever.
The Hunger Games
Analysis of the Hunger Games
Peeta and Katniss defy the government and the ways of the Hunger Games by threatening to eat poisonous berries to show that they will both come out dead or alivebut will not kill each other just because that is how the Games are suppose to end.
The Hunger Games is an example of negative deviance because Peeta and Katniss behaved in a way that failed to meet accepted norms.
In the views of the government and society they were exhibiting negative deviance.
They refused to conform to the rules even though everyone else blindly did what society said.
According to Merton's Strain Theory Peeta and Katniss are Rebels
They reject both the established cultural goals and the accepted means of attaining those goals.
Positive and Negative Deviance
-resisted segregation during the civil rights movement
-went against the society and refused to give up her seat for a white person and sit in the "African American" section of the bus
-was arrested for causing commotion on the bus
-sparked a boycott against the buses where African American refused to use them

This example of Rosa Parks falls under the function of promoting social change and clarifying norms.
Rosa Park's action to not move her seat started a social movement that led to the fight for equality
The way society treated African Americans was not acceptable behavior so Rosa Parks deviant act also falls under clarifying norms.
This example of the Hunger Games promotes the functions of clarifying norms and promoting social change.
Peeta and Katniss do not agree with the behaviors of the government so they decide not to conform in order to show them that they will not fight to kill each other just for their entertainment.
This act of deviance by the couple caused for social change in the districts, which is exactly what the government did not want to happen.
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