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Unit 3.13 Support Children with Additional Needs

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Mary Ann Calarion

on 3 October 2015

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Transcript of Unit 3.13 Support Children with Additional Needs

What does it mean by 'Additional Needs'?
It refers to children who may need additional support for any reasons which affect their development, health, well-being and ability to play and learn.
It means that a child may need additional support because of genetic causes and developmental causes.
chronic medical conditions
learning difficulty
physical impairment or disability
It means that a child may need additional support because of positive and negative influences on development derivable from external factors.
cramped living conditions/no outdoor space
poor diet
attachment with parents
parenting style
Impact of Environmental Factors on Children's Development
physical development maybe affected
frustrated & show unwanted behaviours
growth & health maybe affected
poor concentration & may not learn effectively
trust issues
Impact of the Stages of Development on Children's Learning
physical development delay
communication and language delay
personal,social and emotional development delay
Impact of Biological Factors on Children's Development
absence from the setting
lower esteem & self confidence
affect concentration
not gain social skills
miss out on learning opportunities
other areas of development maybe affected
Unit 3.13 Support Children with Additional Needs
Short Term Factors which Affect Children's Development
illness and accidents
changes in home circumstances
birth of sibling
Long Term Factors which affect Children's Development
chronic health conditions
moving into care
Impact of Personal Experiences, Values and Beliefs on the Professional Practice of the Early Years Practitioner
decision making
lesson planning or creating learning opportunities for children
trusting & open-minded relationship with parents & colleagues
appreciating diversity & equality
The medical model of disability says that the child's disability is the problem. And any impairments or differences should be fixed or changed by medical and other treatments. The medical model looks at what is wrong with the person not what the person needs.
The social model of disability says that disability is caused by the way society is organised, rather than by the child's impairment or difference. It looks at solutions on removing the identified barriers. The emphasis should be on the child's strength and needs. Diversity is welomed and society evolves tomeet specific needs.
The End
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