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Leadership Development Plan

Kristen's plans for the future!

Kristen Andrada

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Leadership Development Plan

Vision Statement Strengths Short Term Goals Long Term Goals Mission Statement Areas Needing Improvement When I'm 75 years old... Leadership Development Plan I am at my best when I do things for others Kristen Andrada's I am proud to have lived a sustainable and happy life. I have discovered history and explored nature through America's national parks. I advocated in campaigns that made American lives a little greener. I became a role model among my family and friends in environmental awareness. I see myself living in a small home in America, growing a garden and fostering dogs with two children and a loving husband. I want share my passions with my children and hope that they would protect what I loved. Quietly Caring Initiative Honest When an opportunity arises, I take it. If you ask me about something, I'll tell you what's on my mind. I listen to what others have to say and treat everyone respectfully and kindly. I get distracted. I have a guilt complex. I'm indecisive. Create deadlines for
myself, like I am now. Sleep less. Start working so I can spend
money that I earn. Think about what
I want to do Deadline: Start of Fall Semester (2013) External Networks/Resources: Spend less time
on the Internet Study/do work in
a quiet, still environment (way too much) Deadline: End of Fall Semester (2013) External Networks/Resources: summer co-op work, summer work summer co-op, summer work, fall internship,
family and friends "It's okay if my friend wants
spend money for me." (particularly money issues) Make the purchases worth it. Have confidence
in my decision. Don't worry about
what other people expect me to do. Deadline: End of Summer/
Beginning of Fall Semester (2013) External Networks/Resources: family and friends Complete the Meadowlands Summer Co-Op Complete the National Historic Park Fall Internship Community Action Plan 1. Get paperwork in. Deadline: End of this semester. External Networks/Resources: Cahill Center 2. Attend all shifts. Deadline: End of August External Networks/Resources: Car 3. Do all the work I need to do. Deadline: End of August External Networks/Resources: Lori Yanowitz (boss)Professor Horowitz community Action Plan 1. Talk to Wayne Hayes Deadline: End of this semester External Networks/Resources: Wayne Hayes 2. Attend all shifts. Deadline: End of Fall Semester (2013) External Networks/Resources: Car 3. Do all work I need to do. Deadline: End of Fall Semester (2013) External Networks/Resources: Director and Wayne Hayes Graduate with an Environmental Studies major
and Anthropology minor Visit half the areas in the National Park System (there are 401 units in the National Park System) 1. Start this summer with Yosemite, work my way around New Jersey/Tri-State area (20 areas). Deadline: End of this summer External Networks/Resources: Car, Money, Annual Pass, NPS website 2. Travel across the country after I graduate (50 areas). Deadline: Before I get a "real" job, perhaps a year or two after I graduate. External Networks/Resources: MONEY. NPS website 3. Visit 130 (or more) areas with my future family. Deadline: When I'm 75 External Networks/Resources: My husband's money (and mine)! Learn how to successfully grow a garden Action Plan self-improvement Action Plan self-improvement 1. Learn all that there is to know. Deadline: Graduation (2015) External Networks/Resources: Books, Internet, Professors, environmental-related clubs (1Step, Plant Strong), practice 2. Purchase seeds/plants that can grow in temperate climates. Deadline: Spring 2014 External Networks/Resources: Local Farms and Food Markets 3. Practice! Deadline: By 30 years of age External Networks/Resources: Space at home, gardening tools, seeds/plants Action Plan I will try to prevent times when I get distracted. My life's journey is learning everything that there is to sustainability and incorporating it into my life. I will strive to be experienced, self-confident, and memorable. 2. Complete all the environmental studies
classes I need in each Fall and Spring semester. Deadline: By end of Fall 2015 External Networks/Resources: Adviser Ashwani Vasishth 3. Complete all the anthropology classes I need during the summer and last semester of my senior year. Deadline: End of Spring 2015 External Networks/Resources: Advisers Susan Hangan and Erick Castellanos 1. Create a plan for the rest of my college career. Deadline: Continuous for each semester until senior year. External Networks/Resources: Web Registration, Adviser Form the Beekeeping club on Ramapo Team/Organizational Action Plan 1. Get an adviser. 2. Get signatures from enrolled students 3. Draft the constitution. Deadline: DONE. External Networks/Resources: Professor Wiener Deadline: End of this semester External Networks/Resources: Students (1Step) External Networks/Resources: Professor Wiener, Students, CSI/SARM Deadline: Beginning of Fall Semester (2013) self-improvement
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