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No description

Casey Meili

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of airport

Double click anywhere & add an idea Airport Full Body Scans Past Experiences -Time consuming -Take up space -Travelers don't like them My Opinion Airport full body scans are not nessasary because of the size, the cost, and travelers feel disrespected. Take up Space Scanners are six feet wide Airports will be renovated to fit scanners. Are They Necessary? Airports will be closed during renovations Cost Increesed Taxes "They cost so much they might not pay themselfs off" Customers don't like scanners, they wont pay for stuff they dont want Taking Rights Away People dont like scanners, wont fly if opinions aren't respected 5% of airport buissness comes from people at the airport gift shops, if people aren't happy they won't spend money. "The Problem is the scanners dont make us feel safe." Conclusion Scanners are not nessassary Take up space, Expensive, and Take rights away People will not want to travel Work Cited Byers, Jim. "Shut up and get scanned, already. " Toronto Star.
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machines could be in place here by summer. " USA Today.
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