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sam stooks

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Atlantis

The Generation ship has landed in Houston, Texas. We need to establish partnerships. Germany Russia Russia's government is a Federation. Their main religion is Russian Orthodox. They have been through the Revolution of 1917 overthrowing the Imperial Government. Major wars they have been in is WW2, they sided with the Allied forces. In history they have proven to be a proud people, who don't accept cultural changes. They colonized in the 12th century, when they emerged from 200 years of Mongol domination. They expanded by conquering and absorbed surrounding principalities. In their Trade Policy they have two main characteristics, Rigid protectionism, and state monopoly on foreign trade. A
political leader is Dmitriy MEDVEDEV, leader of (United Russia).
The role of women/minorities: Equal rights and Opportunities. Can we trust Russia? Yes, we can trust Russia for the following reasons. 1) They're main religion is Russian Orthodox, who generally have good intentions. 2) In the revolution of 1917 they overthrew Tsar for the belief that he was personally responsible for the defeat of their army, which means they will overthrow bad leadership. 3) They also fought along side the allied forces during WW2, they have good intent to keep humans alive. 4) Dmitriy MEDVEDEV, leader of a political party called "United Russia," he can be of great use by keeping Russia united. 5) Their women and minorities have equal rights and opportunity, which means about twice, if not more, the brain and man power we need. These are some of the reason why we should trust Russia to side with us, and the human race. No, we can not trust Russia for the following reasons. 1) Their government is that of a Federation, which means in times of internal affairs their states will claim independence. 2) They are a very proud people who like to stick with the culture they have, any changes are unwanted. 3) Their country expanded by conquering and absorbing surrounding principalities. 4) The trade policy they have has two major characteristics, Rigid protectionism and state monopoly on foreign trade. These are some of the reasons why Russia can not be trusted. Their government is a Federal Republic. Their major religion is Christianity. Internal Revolutions they have been through are the Revolution of 1918. Major wars they have been involved in was WW2 and they fought along side the Axis Alliance. Cultural reactions they might have might be violent, for they are a proud people as well. They colonized first as a Baltic state. Instead of expanding, Germany Actually shrunk in size of the Baltic state. In their Trade Policy they have stated to enforce a tariff reduction, and regulatory cooperation. Political leaders of Germany are Claudia Roth and Cem Oezdemir of the (Alliance). Role of women and minorities, women are expected to, but not limited to being spouses, minorities expected to follow german culture, tradition, and way of life. Can Germany be trusted? Yes, for the following reasons. 1) They're a Federal Republic, although federal they still vote, giving the people what they want. 2) Major religion is Christianity, which normally have good intent. 3) Trade policy consists of tariff reduction and regulatory cooperation, which seems to be beneficial. 4) Claudia Roth and Cem Oezdemir, leaders of the "Alliance" can help by keeping the people together and have one state of mind. These are some reasons why we should trust Germany. No, we can not trust Germany for the following reasons. 1) They failed in the Revolution of 1918, they fail to have the ability to over throw a power that might be oppressive. 2) During WW2 Germany sided with the Axis alliance, and was responsible for genocide of mainly but not only the Jewish people. 3) They are a proud people and might react violently to a change in culture. 4) Instead of their country expanding it actually shrunk in size. 5) The woman are expected to be spouses and the minorities expected to follow German culture. These are some of the reasons why we can not trust Germany to side with us and the human race. Project Rampart: Atlantis Presented by: Sam Stooksbury,
Mario Flores, and Guillett Jimenez.
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