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African Food

No description

tess motschilnig

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of African Food

AFRICA Staple fruits and vegetables are mangoes, bananas, plantain, and yams. Meat is not eaten often because most of them live in poverty, and meat is a sign of wealth.
Animals such an oxen, goat, sheep, elephant, and even mice may be eaten by some people.
80 percent of calories = fufu or ugali. Ethiopia is known for a stew called wot. Plantains may be fried to make into crispy plantain chips. Or made into a thick, smooth, plantain soup called mtori.
Foods are cooked over open fire or pits that contain heated stones. Eating utensils are rarely used. This is why it is custom to wash and clap ones hands before eating.
By Tess, Aidan, Brittany, Shelby
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