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Batman Begins: The Hero's Journey

No description

Joey Fortini

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Batman Begins: The Hero's Journey

Batman Begins: The Hero's Journey
Ordinary World
1st level: Departure

Bruce Wayne grows up in the richest family in Gotham City is expected to continue his parents' great legacy
Call to Adventure
There are many calls to adventure for Bruce Wayne but some include witnessing his parents' death, falling into an abandoned bat cave when he was young, and being asked by Ra's al Ghul to join the League of Shadows.
Refusal to the Call
Unlike many other stories, Bruce Wayne refuses the WRONG call when he is asked to kill a man and then he rises against the League of Shadows and succeeds.
Meeting the mentor
Bruce Wayne meets Ra's al Ghul in a prison in Eastern Asia and is asked to join the League of Shadows.
Crossing the Threshold
Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City as a changed man and is ready to fight against the horrible crime in Gotham as... Batman.
Tests, allies, and enemies
2nd level: Initiation
Some Batman's tests include defeating Falcone, Saving Gotham from Scarecrow's gas, and facing the fear of his own power and fear, etc. His allies are Alfred Pennyworth, Lucius Fox, Jim Gordon, and Rachel Dawes. His main enemies include Scarecrow, Falcone, and Ra's al Ghul.
The Approach
Batman and his allies prepare to help save Gotham from Scarecrow's scare gas he dumped in the water supply.
The Ordeal
Batman faces Scarecrow (including his biggest fears due to the scare gas) and defeats him, saves Gotham from the scare gas in the water supply, and saves Rachel from dying from intoxication.
The Reward
There is none.
The Road Back
After all that, Bruce Wayne reads about himself in the newspaper and discovers that his secret is still safe and they don't know he's Batman and is now living a double life.
3rd level: Return Home
There is none.
Return with the Elixer
After the destruction, Bruce Wayne decides to help rebuild and change Gotham City. He want to make it better than it ever was.
The End
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