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The Yanomami Tribe

No description

Alyssa Eufemia

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of The Yanomami Tribe

The Yanomami Tribe
The Yanomami Tribe
The Yanomami group have approximately 35,000 people. They have around 200 to 250 villages in the Amazon rain forest between Brazil and Venezuela. This tribe believes that they are all individuals but have the same beliefs, culture and ways of living. The Yanomami group are always at war with one another and they usually form alliances.
Current issues
The Yanomami Indians of Northern Brazil have begun many protests to eliminate the invasion of the gold miners. The gold miners are furious and demand that the authorities take action to remove them from their home land.
Where does the Yanomami tribe live?
The Yanomami tribe lives in South America. They are located in Venezuela and Brazil.
A History of the Tribe
The Yanomami people are one of the last remaining ancient cultures in the world. Some of their traditions date back to 8000 years ago. Their lives have not always been easy. They have had to fight for their land and receive the consequences that came with it. The tribe was unknown to the world until the 1960's when they were discovered by Napoleon Chagnon. Soon after his arrival, many other Americans came to take over their land. The Americans brought diseases with them and killed thousands of the Yanomami. Later on, in the 1970's, came the arrival of the gold miners. With their arrival came even more diseases. The gold miners also killed many members of the tribe in order to obtain more mining land. The biggest act of violence toward the tribe was the Haximu Masacre in 1993. This massacre's death toll was 16 people.
Traditional way of Life
The Yanomami tribe still depend on the rainforest and rivers to survive like they use to do. They use them for food, transport, clothes, medicine, tools and building materials. This tribe continues to cultivate their food. They plant traditional food like manioc, sweet potato, papaya and bananas. They also hunt, except nowadays they use rifles to hunt deer, monkeys and tortoises. They also have arrows and spears to hunt. Back then, the tribe used bow and arrows. This group kept the traditional way of moving from place to place (nomadic lifestyle).

Traditional way of life
Protests against authorities
Yanomami tribe
Claims of the Native group:
The Yanomami lands and their traditions was guaranteed in 1988 by the Brazilian Constitution. On the chapter it states that their land belongs to them along with their social organization, beliefs, languages and culture that it is in their possession. The use of natural resources may be used only if permission is granted. Also, the land is not for disposal. The removal of indigenous people is not permitted.
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Beliefs and Culture
The Yanomami people live in large, circular houses called shabonos. Some of these houses could hold up to 400 people and they are used to have feasts, parties and gatherings. The Yanomami people usually practice animism as their religion. The main belief of animism is that everything has a spirit. Some spirits can heal and others can bring disaster. They believe that there is one god, Omama, who created each and every spirit in the world. They also believe that the only person able to talk to the spirits now is the Shaman. The Yanomami believe that the universe is divided into four different parts. The first layer is believed to be empty now. The second layer is believed to be the level that hold the spirits of dead men and women. The third layer is known as the Earth and the last layer holds the spirits that bring misfortune or harm to others.
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