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Tips, Tools & Strategies to Manage Your Classroom

No description

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Tips, Tools & Strategies to Manage Your Classroom

R . E . S . P . E . C . T
2015 INTC Induction & Mentoring Conference
Tips, Tools & Strategies for Managing Your Classroom!

About Me!
Teaching 3rd grade, 8years
District 147, West Harvey- Dixmoor
Mentor/Lead Teacher
TQP-Governors State University
New Teacher Center
Early Childhood (Chicago State)
Educational Technology (Concordia)
Classroom Management
Effective Discipline
Prevention of disruptive behavior
Skills, techniques & strategies
Create a positive learning environment
Organized student space, time and materials
Students attentive, on task, focused
Being Prepared
What We Will Cover Today
Classroom Management
What is it?
What does it look like?
Classroom Culture
High/Clear Expectations
Techniques & Tips
Class Dojo
Just Do You
Single Mom of two
Boy (15)
Girl (12)
Classroom management refers to the wide variety of
skills and techniques
that teachers use to

students organized, orderly, focused, attentive, on task, and academically productive
during a class. When classroom-management
executed effectively
minimize the behaviors
that impede learning for both individual
students and groups of students, while maximizing the behaviors
that facilitate or enhance learning. - Eglossary
Classroom management is a term used by teachers to describe the process of ensuring that classroom lessons run smoothly despite disruptive behavior by students. The term also implies the

prevention of disruptive behavior

All of the things that a teacher does to
organize students, space, time and materials so that student learning can take place
. - Wong & Wong

A set of
techniques and skill
that allow a teacher to
control students effectively
in order to
create a positive learning environment for all students
. - Sternberg & Williams
Classroom Management
What does it look like?
How can this strategy streamline class routines?
What does it help to avoid?
How does this approach teach students about accountability?
What are some of the benefits of this approach for students? For teachers?
Questions to Consider
What Is It?
What is it?
Classroom Culture
Establishing an environment in which students & teachers:
empowered and comfortable
provide feedback
learn from mistakes

An environment in which the norms of pastoral Care are present (Joseph Murphy, 2013)
Safety & Membership
Sense of Belonging
(Montgomery County Public Schools, 2010)
Ways to Earn Respect
About Me Too!
Educator - 3rd Grade, 2 Years
District 147 - West Harvey/Dixmoor
Previous job - E-Commerce Advertising Rep. for Chicago Tribune Media
1 Bachelors Degree, 2 Masters Degrees
BA Mass Media and Comm. Arts- SIUC
MA Communications and Training-GSU
MAT Urban Education - GSU
Mother of 3
1 Boy (15), 2 Girls (8 & 9)
Video Games
Mean what you say & say what you mean!
Be consistent!
Be Fair!
Have a Sense of Humor!
Be Confident!
Value their opinion!
Be Prepared!

Establishing Classroom Culture (Norms)
1. Always be Positive!
2. Reinforce Positive Behavior!
3. Instill Intrinsic Motivation!
4. Be Prepared!!!!
5. Be Honest!!
6. Be Creative!
7. Have Fun!
- the strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future
- How you will get students to do what you expect.
- what students will be able to do without supervision or prompting.
High, Clear and Concise
Line up or 4S Line
Explained Clearly
Techniques & Tips
Start on the First Day of School
Prepare, Prepare, Prepare
Start Class with Morning Work
Greet them at the Door
Get to know your students
Make Good Eye Contact
Call them by Name
Last name, Nick Name or Group Name (Scholars)
Use Nonverbal Language
smile, nod, stare, frown etc
Class Dojo
Just Do You!
What to do before you teach....
Take care of your mental & physical health
Harry Wong
Harry Wong
Be flexible
Backup Plan
Have a Schedule or Agenda
Use as an incentive
Reinforce Routines & Positive Behavior
Reward System

High Expectations will transcend all barriers - Larry Bell
Boyd Brewer, C., & Maal, N. (2008).Soundtracks for learning: Using music in the classroom. Bellingham, Wash.: LifeSounds Educational Services.

Brittingham, M. (2003). Respectful Discipline Your Guide to Effective Classroom Management. BB Publishing

Gerber, C., & Seven, A. (2008). Strategies for Building Positive Classrooms.Educational Leadership, 66(1). Retrieved from http://www.ascd.org/publications/educational-leadership/sept08/vol66/num01/Seven-Strategies-for-Building-Positive-Classrooms.aspx

Stronge, J. (2007). Qualities of effective teachers (2nd ed.). Alexandria, Va.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Wong, H., & Wong, R. (2009). The first days of school: How to be an effective teacher (Second ed.). Harry K Wong Publications.

Wong, H., & Wong, R. (2014). The Classroom management book (1st ed.). Harry K Wong Publications.

Larry Bell, http://www.larry-bell.com/
Videos Courtesy of Youtube , Teaching Channel. Romm 130 & 131
Class Websites
Ms. Berrian - www.room130.weebly.com
Ms. Sutton - http://scholarsof131.weebly.com/about.html
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