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Disaster Nursing

3082 Theory Presentation

Gillian Edwards

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Disaster Nursing

Budapest San
Francisco Disaster Nursing Theories
Andrea, Ashley, Gillian, Janelle, Rachel 1838 - Flood inundates city What is disaster nursing? -tell us your thoughts 1989- San Francisco Earthquake Banda Aceh Why select disaster theory? 2004- Boxing Day Tsunami Sichuan Province 2008 8.0 Earthquake East Africa 2011 Drought Roles:
Andrea - research, presentation
Ashley - research, presentation, paper
Gillian - Prezi design, research, presentation
Janelle - research, presentation
Rachel - research, presentation, paper Disaster Nursing Theory:
An Umbrella Term Humanbecoming
Jennings Disaster Nursing Management
Other The Crunch and Release Model Nursing Metaparadigms Health: People: Environment: Nursing: Japan Quebec & Ontario 1998 Ice Storm 2011 Earthquake & tsunami Benefits Limitations - Description
Practicality Scope: Middle Range

Purpose: Crunch = explanatory
Release = predictive Education
Practice Modifications Paradigmatic Origins: Critical Social Theory
Models/Metaphors Contribution to nursing practice
International relevance
Examples of use -community-based
-pre/post -"static"
-"lacks detail/theory analysis of specifics"
-not nursing (Blaikie, Cannon, Davis, Wisner, 2004)
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