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RPS - Redefining the UK Pharmacist

By PharmaDoctor.co.uk

Voyager Medical

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of RPS - Redefining the UK Pharmacist

Accessible Healthcare
Possible Solutions

How can
PharmaDoctor help...?
Private PGDs
Pharmacists are the most accessible medical practitioners in the UK.
We serve a wider demographic than GPs.
Pharmacists are on every high street in the country.
We lowest cost of intervention of any UK medical practitioner.
We have better opening times than any GP or private medical practice!
Join a buying group
Wholesale dealing
Tender for NHS Services
Enter the private sector
Strength in numbers
Reduce costs
NHS reimbursement has fallen in real terms, whilst workload has increased...
Expensive to start up, £3,000 upfront, £1,000 inspection.

Ethically, not the best. UK medicines should be for UK patients.

Diminishing returns, the more
pharmacists that join, the smaller the pot becomes.
400 MURs, AURs, off site visits.

Fulfill NMS, whilst it lasts!

Review Minor Ailments payments.

Get in with CCGs, to be involved in bespoke commissioning.

Alcohol dependence, smoking
cessation, vaccine
Some pharmacies have found that if they heavily cater to a proportion of their demographic they can see real returns.

Best examples, PharmaDoctor has seen include:
African hair care.
Brewing apparatus.
Hajj and Umrah supplies.
PharmaDoctor.co.uk wants to empower pharmacists to do more.

With our services, pharmacists can unlock their potential and offer private services that patients demand.

The end game for PharmaDoctor is to ultimately help pharmacists take these private services to the NHS and CCG to get commissioning.
What are
the opportunities in
Primary Care?
GPs do not have enough time or capacity to deal with all the healthcare needs of patients, they need to prioritize the needy.

Patients crave the convenience of walkin centres but the NHS simply cannot afford it. Pharmacy has the low cost, capacity, but lacks the expertise and authorisation.
Travel Clinics
Some interesting travel facts…
•Long haul travellers are at record levels

•1 in 4 Britons do not get vaccinated

•150,000 British muslims go to Hajj
or Umrah every year

•20 British Hajjis die every year
from meningitis
Travel clinic financials
No additional premises or staff requirements.

Profitability on vaccines is around 300% and fully VAT-exempt.

Payback is achieved by end of month 2 by most pharmacies.

Average pharmacy makes £10k profit pa.
Exclusive, enhanced discount (£500 off) for Sunday, 14th July,
only three spaces left
Subsequent date is Tuesday, 13th August.
Possible, further exclusive discounts on annual and PAYG oral medicine PGDs.
Thanks for your time, any questions?
Dealers License
Mike Bereza
PharmaDoctor Managing Director
Independent Community Pharmacist
Creator of the PharmacyCPA Network
Locumed in over 50+ pharmacies...
Based in Angel North London
Douglas Pharmacy
Pharmacy Falling from Grace...
Aging population means that more drugs are being prescribed for an ever expanding population....
Whilst UK healthcare spending is actually decreasing in real terms...
A Typical Session...
•10 consultations
•Average profit per consult = £56
Enter a
Niche Market
PharmaDoctor, can create a fully fledged, pharmacist led, private travel clinic.

The service launched in 2012 and has proved to be a great success.
Get rid
take out
in the Cloud
How we help you succeed.
Marketing materials
- we have created a unique system which automatically generates leaflets, posters and practice information leaflets.
Referral letters
- to GPs and Travel Agencies are written by our PR agent and myself.
On site consultancy
- via our travel nurse.
Web referrals
- from our online database of travel clinic.
CCG Support
- as we progress so do you.
Pharmacists are Uniquely Poised.
Many of my patients are last minute walkins for vaccines and have nowhere else to go.
GPs funding arrangements means that they provide the No.1 source of referrals.
Travel agencies provide the second most popular source of renewal (they have no associated travel clinic).
We already have the resources - fridges, counter staff, capacity.
Patient walks in > Given RAF> Pharmacist Assess Patient > Vaccine Administered > VAT Exempt Payment Taken
What is involved in setting up?
The training protocol has been written from a pharmacists perspective to make it as streamlined as possible.
Step 1: One days train

Step 2: Online Assessment

Step 3: Nurse Assessment

Get started!
From beginning to end this takes around 2 weeks.
"2,000 pharmacies will close down in the next 5 years."
Real Solutions
Back to Basics - USP
More PGDs than anyone else.

Lower cost per PGD.

Clinically relevant training.

Pay As You Go.
Shortest training time.

Lowest cost on the market.

We can do this due to our proprietary "Flow Training" system
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