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Test Run #1

Nothing to describe yet.

Zachary Zaslow

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Test Run #1

There are a
lot of things
that separate
Washington, D.C. Yeah? Like WHAT? 1,600 miles. Glad you asked. Let's start with the most obvious thing that divides Colorado from D.C. Also, we balance our budget. For real. (Not like this.) We never run deficits. We’re never in debt. Maybe that's why our
unemployment rate is better But it's not easy to balance a budget in these trying times. We’ve cut state spending
dramatically—$2 billion
over the past two years, in fact. significantly than the national economy. That's a big chunk of the budget. Why make those cuts? In late 2008, the world entered a and dragged Colorado down with it. Because Colorado isn't immune to the problems
caused by
the global
recession. financial freefall But thousands of people lost their jobs
in cities and towns across our state. Denver Boulder Longmont Fort Collins Loveland Alamosa Pueblo Morrison Fruita Julesburg Kremmling Aurora Colorado Springs Greeley Carbondale Montrose Colorado's declined. revenues public Colorado fared better than most other states. That's revenue that all of us depend on for services like... schools snowplows police doctors prisons roads and bridges a system of courts and much more. Parker Castle Rock Northglenn Trinindad
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