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Presentation about me

Beckett King

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Hi...



and I

My Family
I live with my mom, grandma, grandpa, and brother.
...And a few cats. :3
My Role-Models
Hi, my name is Beckett and I'm years old. My birthday is February 15, 2002
Some of my hobbies are drawing,
watching anime,
reading manga,
reading Homestuck,
and cosplaying.
I have cosplayed Aiichiro Nitori from Free! Iwatobi swim club. And L, from Death Note
My Brother
This is a picture of my brother, his name is Eliott, and he's 15, and he's also extremely weird. (DONT TRUST HIM!!!)
My Cats
I had two cats, the boy was named Gallow (R.I.P.), and the girl is named Liza.
Anime is a sort of japanese animation.
Manga is a japanese comic book, or graphic novel.
A few animes I watch are:
~Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
~Free! Iwatobi swim club
~Death Note
~Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
~No Game No Life

I am in band, I play the trombone. I have played for two years, and I have made LOTS of friends in band. We have concerts and go on trips, one of out future trips will be Kings Island. I am also planning on joining marching band.
Dan Howell
My role-models are Phil Lester
I love music, I'm always listening to music.
These are some of my favorite bands:
these are my friends, my friends are Sam, Tori, Celest, Mckenna, Nathan, Kadence, and the internet. :3
I have a lot of favorite movies, the main kind of movies I like are scary movies and anime movies such as Studio Ghibli.
here are a few of my favorites:
~Spirited Away
~Pulp Fiction
~Boys Don't Cry
Here is the website to Ohayoco, the anime convention I recently went to:
My Favorite Store
My favorite stores are Hot topic, Etsy, and H&M. They sell really good clothes and other stuff, like pins and posters.
My Art
As I said earlier, I love to draw, so here are a few of my drawings. The majority of drawings that I do are influenced by music

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