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CC7G8: A. Ethnic Groups & Religious Groups

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Chemily Thomas

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of CC7G8: A. Ethnic Groups & Religious Groups

CC7G8: A. Ethnic Groups & Religious Groups
B. Arabs, Kurds, & Persians

What is an Ethnic Group?
: "People of the same race or nationality who share a distinctive culture"

A specific group of people that share the same values, and culture.

: African-American, Arab, Kurds, Persians
*Now Let's Try Something on Our Own!!*
Take a worksheet and try to complete the Venn Diagram independently
What is a Religious Group?
: Individuals involved with or employed in religious denominations or organized religious groups such as churches, synagogues, temples, or mosques.

A group of people with the same religious beliefs using the same holy books (Bible, Qur'an, etc.).

: Christianity, Islam, Judaism,
What's the Difference Between Arabs, Kurds, & Persians?
Kurd women fighting for the Syrian civilians
Middle East: Ethnic Group Map
Persian Women
"Arab Idol"
Which One Does This Represent?
Do these pictures represent an Ethnic Group? Religious Group? Or Both?
*Ethnic group found in the mountainous regions of Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq.
* Speak Kurdish
*Hope to have their own country one day, but that causes conflict with other countries
*Believe themselves to be direct descendants of Abraham (Bible) from his son Ishmael.
*Make up the majority of those that live in the Middle East
*Most are Sunni Muslims
*Live in modern day Iran (formerly Persia)
*Speak farsi (from Arabic alphabet)
*Most are Shia Muslim
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