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You are what is most beautiful about me, a portrait with Kel

No description

marina yang

on 1 September 2013

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Transcript of You are what is most beautiful about me, a portrait with Kel

You are what is most beautiful about me, a portrait with Kell and Arella
what is identity to me ?
Identity ...
shows you what you do in life and what you love
The fact of being who or what a person is
so basically the characteristics of a person.
Del Kathryn Barton
the artist herself has studied at the College of Fine Arts of the University of New South Wales, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1993.
what materials have been used?
synthetic polymer paint, watercolor, gouache and pen on polyester canvas was used.
what signs or symbol have been used?
peace symbols, flowers and clovers surrounding them showing a happy peaceful family.
how has the artwork been organized?
how is the artwork arranged?
discuss the elements of design- colour, tone, shape, line and texture
how does it make me feel?
what memories or personal experience does it evoke
what mood or tone does that artwork project
why an artwork is made and the purpose
how does del barton painting portray a sense of her own identity ?
conclusion and summary
She has held numerous solo exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne since her first in 1995.She has had regular solo exhibitions since 2000 such as ; national and international group shows including the Helen Lempiere Travelling Art Scholarship, the Blake Prize for Religious Art and the Sulman Prize.
the painting itself make me feel about how my mum raising my siblings all on her own. it makes me feel what my mums life will be lke without me. she would have been skinnier and used some money on her glasses since she dosnt have the best eye sight and how healthier and better my mum will be without me
he artwork has been organized from youngest to eldest (bottom to top). arella at the bottom, Kell in the middle and Kathryn at the top. they are in a vertical line.
the artwork has different shades of green and many shades of different colours where used. there are also lines and the tone is happy and cheerful.
tone is cheerful and family mood
the artwork expresses emotion and has shown the artists love for her children. With the painting she won the Archibald prize in 2008.
artworks are made because it expresses the artists feelings and shows meaning in their artwork
it shows her family and her identity as an artist and a mother.
Combining dots, stripes, arabesques, drips, particoloured splatter and garlands of flowers in a coherent, satisfying portrait is a feat in itself. The painting’s three human subjects are arranged vertically.
You are what is most beautiful about me, a portrait with Kell and Arella is an art by the artist Del Kathryn Barton. with the artwork Kathryn won the 2008 Archibald Prize. the artwork has her children kell and arella and the artwork shows their happiness and love in the family itself.
By :Marina Yang <3
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