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Trace Sipiorski

on 20 December 2016

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Transcript of Judaism

Ten Commandments
Given to Moses by God
Basic Israelite's duties to God: only have one God
Basic Moral ideas such as: Thy shall honor thy father and thy mother.
Present God's normal teachings to the world
Primary Source
King Solomon
King David
David and Goliath story?
Established Jerusalem as a Holy City as well as established it as the capitol of Israel
Built Jerusalem's first great temple
Son of David
Both Kings laid the foundation for future kings to govern the Jews
Abraham ?
Is called the, "the father of the jews"
Born about 2,000 B.C.E.
Born in Ur Mesopotamia
Introduced the belief of a single God
Most people at this time worshiped multiple gods
Moved from Mesopotamia to Canaan in 1950 B.C.E.

The belief in only ONE god
Who introduced this idea?
Was Judaism Monotheistic?
The belief in multiple Gods
Was common among religions of Abraham's time
Was Judaism a polytheistic religion?
Judaism's most sacred text
consists of the first five books of the Hebrew bible
written records and teachings of the jews
613 commandments that direct moral and religious conduct of Judaism
Primary Source

Exodus from Egypt
King Solomon
King David
Ten Commandments
Babylonian Exile
Who is he/why is he important?
what is this?
What is this?
what are these?
what is this?
who are they?
what is this?
Exodus From Egypt
Freeing of the Israelites from Egyptian control
Moses frees Israelites from Egypt under God's direction
Story of Moses parting the sea
who is he?
Greatest leader of the Israelites
Led the Israelites out of slavery
Gonna lead the Israelites to the Promise land
Gave fundamental teachings to Judaism through the Ten Commandments
why is this year importnat?
Result from World War II
Jewish people obtained their own country, Israel
New country was created from ancient Jewish homland
What (who) is this?
The word for God, in the Jewish faith
Often written as
and pronounced "
" by some.
Who is this?
Persian King
Concquered the Babylonians in 593 B.C.E
Ended the Jewish Exile
Allowed the Jews to rebuild in Jerusalem
Babylonian Exile
Judah invaded in 597 B.C.E.
Thousands of Jews exiled to Babylon
Threatened the existence of Judaism
what is this?
Land promised to Abraham by God
Canaan became the "promised land" for the Jewsish people
Where Jerusalem is located
An agreement or promise
Judaism began with a promise between God and Abram (Abraham)
God promised to love and protect Abramham's descendants
Abraham agreed his people would devote themselves to ONE God.
(The Ark of the Covenant, most sacred religious object to the Israelites)
What is this??
what is this?
Original living place of the Jewish/Israelite People
Eventually moved to Canaan
Moses and The
Red Sea
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