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Where I would like to go.

Charyssa Neese

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Italy

Italy Why Italy?
When in Rome... Colosseum

Sistine Chapel
Castel St. Angelo
All of these are landmarks of history known around the world. Weddings and other parties are held in the Pantheon. Sistine Chapel is open for tours, as is the Colosseum and Castel St. Anne. Have you heard of the romance under the bridge?
Did you know the Italian Futbol (soccer) Team won the World Cup?
Do you know all the historical landscapes?
Here's why I want to go to Italy... Colosseum Pantheon Sistine Chapel Castel St. Angelo Venice Venice The "Fountain of Love" is in front of the Pantheon and is seen in movie, "When in Rome..." St. Marks Basilica

Doge's Palace

Rialto Bridge

The Bridge of Sighs

Venice Carnival Venice (notice how my "eye-catching" pictures were from Venice?) Milan Duomo Cathedral
Teatro alla Scala
Why? Duomo shows Italy's beautiful history.
Teatro, according to reviews, is the best play performance in Italy, and possibly in Europe. Duomo Cathedral Teatro alla Scala What to bring to Italy... Passport

Credit Card
Hand Sanitizer & Small Tissue packs

Italy-to-English Dictionary

Cell Phone
Camera! Some places don't accept American cash or some credit cards. A lot of bathrooms do not have soap or toilet paper. You may want to be fluent in Italian to be easier. Flight Management About 14 hour flight
Bring things to occupy you during flight and "must-haves."
A pillow comes in handy for 14 hours.

What to Bring...(cont.) Favorite foods and snacks


If you try the food and DON'T like it, at least you'll have something comfortable to fall back on. For cold months bring sweaters, jeans, nice shirts.
For hotter months bring swimsuits, tank tops, shorts.
For all year around, dress comfortably. Italy's popular source of transportation is walking or tiny scooters.
Bring shoes that won't hurt your feet and clothes you can walk in all day. Taxi and Bus fees range between €50 and €1 A roundtrip flight with rental car and hotel to Italy is around $2,000-$3,000. Map Facts Official Name is the Italian Republic.
Head of State is the President, currently Giorgio Napolitano.
Head of Government is the Prime Minister, who is Palazzo Chigi.
The Capital of Italy is Rome.
Some major cities are Rome, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Venice, and Verona.
They have lots of practicing religions, but the majority is Christianity.
Their currency is the Euro.
Since 2005, there is about 57.2 million in population. IL FINITO
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