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Adalia Rose

A beautiful little girl.

Jaylin Schraner

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Adalia Rose

Her Story Adalia rose is a little girl who's been on our earth for 6 years now. But, as you can see in her picture, her body has aged impressively to being in the body of a 85-100 year old person. She is diagnosed with Progeria. Progeria Progeria is a disease given to Children around age 2-4. scientists believe for it to be in your hereditary material. It is not contagious. When a child has this disease, they have the mind of their true age, but do NOT look that way sadly. They suffer from characteristics such as hip dislocation, skin aging, loss of hair, loss of fat, growth failure, and more. The average person with this disease will only live till around age 13-15 Adalia Adalia is a little girl who has gone against the odds and is living. Shes internet famous w/ a FB page, an youtube account, and possibly a twitter. Thank You For listening Adalia Rose
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