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The story of Emmett Till

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on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of The story of Emmett Till

The story of Emmett Till

Who is Emmett Till?
1950's History
During the 1950's Black people were still segregated from White people. For example they went to different schools. Another example is Black people weren't allowed to drink from the same water foutain.
Emmett Till Backgroungd
Emmett Till was born July 25,1941 in Chicago, Illinois. Emmett Till's full name is Emmett Louis Till. His mothers name was Mamie Till. During the summer he went to Money, Mississippi to visit his grandmother and grandfather.
Emmett Till's Story
Emmett Till entered a store in Leflore, Mississippi and played a prank on a white woman who was about 21 years old. Emmett Till had supposedly whistled or tried to make contact with a White woman inside the store. The White woman that he whistled at was Carolyn Bryant.
The Emmett Till Case
A Black man named Willie Louise saw Milam and Bryant torturing Emmett Till. He testified in court against them for the kidnapping and murder of 14 year old Emmett Till. In a court full of white jurors it didn’t take long for them to decide that both men on trial were innocent of the murder of Emmett Till.Willie Louise lost in court quickly and easily.The white boys were set free.
“No justice, No Peace”. This is a slogan that was used during the time of Emmitt Till's death. Many people may be wondering who is Emmett Till and what has he done in history that makes him so important? In this presentation I will show what made him so important to history.
Emmett Till funeral
Months later Bryant and Milam went to an article stand and claimed to have killed and abducted Emmett Till. Emmett Till was 14 years old and died on the 28th of August in 1955. Emmett Till's death was a very tragic loss for his mother. Many people showed up to his funeral to pay there respect and apologize for his mothers loss. I believe Emmett Till's death has had an affect on how people live today. Black people may not be treated as equals but it has improved since the 1950's. For example Black and White people are allowed go to the same school and get the same education.
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R.I.P. Emmett Till
Click on the play button to watch the video. After the video is done press the right arrow button to see my citations.

K'vaughn Dildy
Mr. Jerry Rigdon
9th grade ELA 3B
11 November 2013

Emmett Till's story part 2
Later on that day Emmett Till went back to his aunt's house. Later on that night J.W. Milam and his half-brother Roy Bryant took Emmett Till from his aunt’s home and brought him into the woods. For many hours they tortured Emmett Till. They eventually rode to a bridge shot Emmett Till in the head and took a heavy fan wrapped it around his neck and tossed him off the bridge and into the Tallahatchie River. 3 days later he was found in the river.
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