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Erika Kooyer

on 26 September 2015

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Transcript of Educreations

In the Classroom
While watching tutorials to learn about Educreations, it struck me just how useful this app could be to help students who are visual learners. This app allows you to draw, add pictures, and erase any mistakes you may make quickly and easily. This helps students see every step of a lesson. Also, since Educreations allows you to record the lessons you create, you can save them to your computer and attach them to your class blog or send them in emails so absent students can see exactly what was done in class that day.
Educreations is an education app which allows teachers and students to create lessons online. It used to be free, but now there is also a paid version; however, the free app works fine and allows you to use almost all of the features. You can use Educreations on the Web or download it to your phone or tablet.
Overview (cont.)
Here is a great tutorial that will walk you through exactly how to use Educreations--enjoy!
Educreations allows you the capability to:
Change pen color in order to draw different steps of a process
Record the lesson you are demonstrating
Add pictures
Erase or undo mistakes
Zoom in and out to more clearly show what step you are explaining
Add pages to your lesson in order to show progression
Save and share your lesson to your computer or other places on the Internet
Why Use Educreations?
: Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll find reviews from four real teachers who
: This site contains starred reviews and examples of how teachers are using Educreations in their own classrooms.
: This teacher blog includes a video detailing the differences between Educreations and another similar app, Show Me.
: This blog compares Educreations with another whiteboard app, Doceri, stating that Educreations is useful but Doceri goes even further.
Explain Everything
is simple to use but has a lot more features than Educreations, which means devoting much more time to exploring it before using. Unlike Educreations, it is not free. Visit the website to watch an informational video: http://explaineverything.com.
Show Me
is very similar to Educreations, but it does not allow a privacy feature unless you are willing to pay to upgrade.
is also not free. It seems to be a crossover between Educreations and Explain Everything: it has more functions than the former, but is still not as complex as the latter.
is a free whiteboard app that places a greater emphasis than all the others on students' ability to share and explain content to each other. This app seems to be the most student-friendly.
: This website provides four reviews from real teachers who absolutely love what Educreations brings to the table, from multi-page documents to the ability to share your lessons with the world.
: This site praises Educreations for its ease of use and skills it helps children develop, from creativity, to communication, to technology.

This blog does a great job of explaining exactly how Educreations works and why it is so beloved, from the ability to easily navigate from page to page within lessons and share lessons with all students.
Alternatives to Educreations
How can Prezi be used effectively in the classroom?
Prezi is akin to PowerPoint in that it helps students gain visual insight into information being presented; however, it contains much more animation and excitement. I would use this tool in my classroom just as I have here: to present information on a subject in a highly visual way, being sure to include images and videos to further instill the content. After using Prezi for awhile, I would conduct a detailed tutorial and give my students time to explore it themselves. I would expect them to create their own presentation towards the end of the school year. Their presentations would have to include images, audio, video, or hyperlinks as well.
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