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Fronted Adverbial Lesson dated 25th March 2014

No description

Tony Whitfield

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Fronted Adverbial Lesson dated 25th March 2014

Talk to your partner about what level you have achieved in punctuation and sentence structure today and how you achieved it.
WALT: Use fronted adverbials
Everyone here can achieve level 4, we must now move to level 5.
Level 5 tasks:
1. Write a sentence using an adverbial clause.

This means use an adverb followed by a comma at the start of
the sentence.
E.g. Joyfully, the dog jumped out of the box.
Main focus of the lesson:
Write a DESCRIPTIVE SENTENCES about this short clip on the sugar paper or 'Padlet' provided:
What are
- Discuss with
a partner
25th March 2014
Punctuation and sentence structure progress
Can use full stops, question marks and speech marks.
Commas are used for lists and to mark simple clauses.
Some use of connectives are evident in writing.
Commas are used to mark clauses.
Wider range of connectives and sentence lengths.
Ambitious sentence structures are used to add meaning.
A semi-colon can be used in a sentence.
2. Write a sentence using a frontal adverbial clause,
followed by a subordinate clause.

This means use a comma at the end of the sentence to add more information.
E.g. Joyfully, the dog jumped out of the box, because it was happy to see its owner.
the bitter wind whistled and whined; rain smashed onto my makeshift tent that was made out of towels and branches. I knew from
the blurring of the ink-like sky
that I was doomed to another grim, lonely day on the island. I was alone.
Forcing myself up
from the tent, I went into the forest.
The deadly forest
, which had the smell of death seeping from it, would be the last place that I ever saw.

Excellent writing
Moving to level 6 in punctuation and sentence structure.
Level 6 tasks:
1. Using a semi-colon in a sentence is moving into level 6. A semi-colon is used to link two similar sentences that
E.g. Primary school dinners are disgusting
secondary school dinners are amazing.
2. Commas used to create parenthesis is level 6.
Parenthesis is when you add information into a sentences without disrupting the meaning of the sentence.
E.g. Simple sentence: The house was very beautiful.
Parenthesis: The house, which was on top of the hill, was very beautiful.
A fronted adverbial is the use of an adverb to begin a sentence.

It is used to add interest to the reader to create a specific effect. (to build suspense or create pace)
Now we are going to generate
some adverb and adverbial phrases
Adverb starters
Or join them together
Quickly and quietly,
Slowly and carefully,
Above the temple,
Upon the ceiling,
Crawling within the vines,
Everywhere I look,
Using show me techniques
Trembling with fear,
Too embarrassed to look,
Tingling with excitement,
Subordinating connectives
If I had the time,
As fast as a cheater,
Although only there by chance,
Verb and Adverb starter
Walking quickly,
Tentatively approaching,
Swiftly running,
What is an Adverb and how is it used?
Choose a cup
GREEN - I know
BLUE - I sort of get it
RED - I don't know.
Time Adverbial
Then they fell ...
After a while,
A few minutes later
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