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Paraphrasing & Forms of Poetry

No description

Shari Reed

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Paraphrasing & Forms of Poetry

Paraphrasing & Forms of Poetry
Review Similes & Metaphors
"She floats down the aisle,
like a pageant queen."
-"Speak Now" Taylor Swift

"My life is like an open highway."
-"It's My Life" Bon Jovi

My room is a disaster area.

He is such a pig.
Review Personfication
The wind came up. The frightened leaves danced. The sad trees moaned and creaked.

"Oh my," yelled the owl, "What a storm!"

Review Imagery
Sight: ugly, yellow, shiny
Smell: sweet, gross, floral
Hearing: loud, soft, happy
Taste: delicious, sour, bitter
Touch: soft, fuzzy, prickly
Paraphrasing: restating an author's words in YOUR OWN WORDS

1. Stop and REREAD difficult parts.
2. Find MEANING of unfamiliar words.
3. RESTATE in your own words.
4. REREAD to check for sense.
Forms of Poetry
Free Verse: no rhyme/rhythm
Concrete Poem: words arranged in a shape that reflects the subject
Haiku: three lines with 5, 7, 5 syllables
Limerick: funny poem with 5 lines and a AABBA rhyme scheme
Narative: tells a story
Lyric: good rhythm/rhyme telling of one person's thoughts and feelings
Review Rhyme/Rhythm
ANK-y-lo-SAU-rus was BEST left a-LONE,
its TAIL was a CUD-gel of GRIST-le and BONE,
ANK-y-lo-SAU-rus was BUILT like a TANK.
Free Verse

It would be technology
I wrote this poem on a computer.
It would be technology
Everything was digital.
It would be technology
People invented new things.
I like the way the world is now.

by: Alaina
Imagine a skunk who proposes,
To his true love, surrounded by roses.
It may turn out just fine,
When she falls for his line,
But I wonder if flowers have noses?
-Sarah Fanny
Concept of America

People united
To secure their liberty
Out of many, one

from "Choices"

To hold on or to cut loose
To follow the don'ts or dos
When given options to choose
Are we there to win or lose

-Kenny Loy
from "My Matty" by Chris Hardy

Out of the darkness
a small figure appeared
dirty, hungry and cold
a tiny puppy was here

I named him Matty
because of his hair
now my new recliner
is his favorite chair

I posted his picture
all around town
but so far so good
I haven't heard a sound
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