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Reading Strategies: Making Connections

T-S, T-T, T-W (Using Cinderella and The All American Slurp

Kayla and Stephen Briseño

on 9 November 2011

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Transcript of Reading Strategies: Making Connections

Connections Text - to - World Text - to - Self Text - to - Text Using what I know to help me
understand what I am reading!
Does this connection
help me understand
what I am reading? Does this remind me of something that has happened to me? Does this remind me of something that I've read in another book Does this remind me of something that I have heard about before? Deep Connection Shallow Connection "I really understand how the character feels now" "That makes more sense now" "Hmmm... That's interesting."
"That's cool."
"I don't understand." Deep connections are related to the main idea or the characters and their problems Making Connections to
What We Already Know... These aren't helpful connections. We'll be reading “The All-American Slurp” by Lensey Namioka to practice making connections. Glue this into your reader's notebook notes under your 'Making Connections' notes On the next page, glue part one of "The All American Slurp" into your notes. Before we read Cinderella by

Write all that you know about the story in your reading response section of your reader's notebook. (skip a page after your first letter--I'll be writing back this week!) After reading Cinderella, what text -to-self connections can you make with the story? Write a paragraph about it. Here are some sentences starters to get you started: Monday Tuesday You and your partner will be reading a few different versions of Cinderella to practice making text-to-text connections. Thursday Wednesday Today we will be watching a movie version of the Cinderella story. Our goal is to make connections. Friday Answer these questions in about two or three complete sentences.

1. Describe a time you did not use or know proper etiquette (manners). It can be at school, a restaurant, your friend’s or relatives.

2. Describe a time you felt like you did not belong. (You were not a part of something that you wanted to be or felt completely out of place.)

3. Reflect about a time you were embarrassed by your family. Or write what your family has done to embarrass you in front of your friends or classmates.

4. What do you think "being American" means?

November 10th, 2011 Fun facts: Both chow-mein and fortune cookies were invented in America. Restaurants in China that serve fortune cookies advertise them as genuine American fortune cookies.

Words like slurp, zip, crunch, and so on are called onomatopoeia, or, words spelled/said how they sound
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