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Increase Revenue Using Data & Infrastructure

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Dimitrios Cavathas

on 7 June 2018

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Transcript of Increase Revenue Using Data & Infrastructure

How the LSC Increased Revenue by Over $1.5 million Annually Using Data & Investment in Infrastructure
What Is Your Culture Like?
How Can You Have Good Culture with Poor Infrastructure?
Having a Strong Culture Has to Come with Infrastructure Investment so Employees know your serious. If employees do not know the "
then investing money into infrastructure will not work.
Lets Start with the
Before Getting to the infrastructure Investment & Data Use
Culture Building Through Identity Density

Creating Change that reinforces the culture
Linking culture to feedback & evaluations
Creating a Circle of Safety
Stating Failure / Risk Taking is OK
Using Examples of Failure to Teach Everyone
Creating a Teaching Organization w Staff Pursuing Professional Goals
Reciting the mission/values at staff meetings
Using Events & Stories to Connect to Core Values
Reinforce Culture in email and print media
Reframing events to staff that reflect mission/values
Creating a cultural language
Leadership using the language
Having a Weekly Purposeful Management Meeting to have Managers Deliver the Culture & Be Accountable
Repeat, Repeat, and Repeat
Dimitrios Cavathas, LCSW-C
Lower Shore Clinic

June 7th , 2018
CBH Annual Meeting

Who Is Responsible for the Organizational Culture……
Good & Bad?
The Leader.

All Meetings for the Lower Shore Clinic Will:
Email Agenda in Advance
Review Prior Meetings Minutes
Remind Group of Purpose & Meet its Purpose
Stay on Topic & Are Succinct, Organized & Prepared
Help Meet LSC Goals & Move LSC Forward
Recap & Approve Minutes of Meeting at End of Meeting

First Tuesday of Every Month -DIRECTORY MEETING
Participants: Directory
Leader / Facilitator: Dimitri Length: 2 Hours
Share Updates
Plan Together
Discuss Policy & Procedures
Review Financials
Employee of the Month Award
Bold Steps Updates & Accountability

Second Tuesday of Every Month- OPERATIONS MEETING
Participants: Directory + Team Leaders
Leader / Facilitator: Dimitri Length: 2 Hours
Prepare for Major Projects
Discuss Budgets & Financial Performance
Members Admission Review & Referral Report for Prior Month
Share Information & Keep Team Leaders in the Loop & Involve Team Leaders in Decisions

Participants: Directory Leader / Facilitator: Joyce & Pam Length: 2 Hours
Strengthen the Directory – Strengthen the Organization
Vision & Strategic Planning
Set Priorities
Development Activities & Team Building
Accountability & Culture
Role Definition

Fourth Tuesday of Every Month- MID LEVEL MANAGER MEETING
Participants: Mid-Level Managers; No Directory
Leader: Dimitri Length: 2 Hours
Teaching & Development of Mid Managers
Tell / Share Information & Review Philosophy
Follow Through on Actions & Bounce Ideas
Relationship Building & Coming Together as a Management Group


Readjust salaries to above market rates and state a belief in a living wage of $30,000 annual for all positions.
Invest in Employee Benefits
Obtained Care First Blue Cross and Blue Shield with HRA of $5000
Increased Holiday Time
Created a Sabbatical Policy for All Staff
Created a Safe Harbor 401K of 3% for all staff after 1 year of Service
Revamped Employee Manual for Optimal Employee Benefit
Re Oriented Performance Evaluation to Core Values and Mission
Directed Performance Goals to be Professionally Driven Based on What the Employee Desires
All Performance Goals Revolve Around Individual Employee Mastery to the Individual, Not the Organization
Invested in Welcoming Spaces

Removed All Identified Barriers from Employees
Lowered Consumer to Staff Ratios
Added Team Leader Positions to Focus on Daily Operation of Programs
Free up Directors for Macro / Org Initiatives
Created Community Development Director
Added Dedicated Day Program Staff
Focused on What Was Working
Doubled the size of the Vocational Program
Planned Investment in Medherent for Medication Management
Coffee 3 times a Week with Staff w Annual Rotation for Staff Feedback
Establishment of a Consumer Advisory Board for Member Feedback
Intensive Onboarding w Most Talented Staff Training New Staff only on the First of the Month
Added Staff to Finance, HR, Billing, and Mid Management


Dedicated to Theoretical Framework of Positive Psychology and Stages of Change Theory
Total Focus on Integration of Care w Clinic (OMHC & Primary Care) and Rest of Organization
Repeated Base Management Philosophy
Managed to the 85% of Employees Doing a Good Job
Did not Create/Eliminated Policies Based on the 15% Not Doing a Good Job
Got Rid of Programs Not Part of Competency: Auto & Property Maintenance, Pharmacy, & Food Services
Got Rid of Toxic People
Focused on Impact and Results, Not How Much Time People Put In
Used HBR for Management Trainings & Info Emails
Focused on Accountability & Coaching, not Supervision
Provided Management Training to Senior Management
Have Staff Read "The Happiness Advantage"

Promote the Culture of WHY / BeingKnowingDoing

Salaries Reviewed, Adjusted, Increased.
Properties are Beautified
& Infrastructure Investments Are Made
HR Data Collected, Reviewed & Utilized to Review Vacancies and Adjust Recruitment to Organization Needs.
Fill Open Positions!

Aggressive Onboarding of New Staff Being Trained Evidenced Based Practices & Org Culture by the Most Experienced and Talented Employees w C-Suite Participation. Invest in Staff Training & Mastery
As a Result, Employees Express High Job Satisfaction

Investment in Infrastructure
Loop of Success
This Process Created an Increase in Revenue for PRP, RRP, Crisis Bed, Health Home and Supported Employment from $497,000 a month to $623,000 a month . We also have experienced increases in OMHC and ACT Revenue. QUESTIONS??????

Weekly Management Meetings Monitoring Progress, Data,
& Reminding Everyone About the Culture of the Organization

Alienate Poor Performers and Move On Toxic Staff
In Turn,
High Quality Services
by Happy Employees

Electronic Health Record Tracks Services & Automatically Integrates into Billing Data

Time Sheets & Costs Are Integrated in Financial System for Quick Reviews

The Accumulative Result is Clients are Happy and Displaying Positive Outcomes and Positive Life Satisfaction Resulting in Greater Participation in Services

Since Services Are Great, The Org is Serving More Citizens with Website Geared for Outreach & Outreach to Referrals
Program Census Tracking & Central Coordinated Referral Are Continuously Monitored for Outreach & Budget Goals

Billing Dept Working In Integrated Billing System with EHR for Same Day Billing & Analysis of Gaps Increases Cash & Allows for More Investment....
Increase in Cash Position & Financials Are Vetted Quickly for Strategic Decision Making and Real Time Adjustments
The Board of LSC Reviews Organization Performance with Reliable Data, Reports, and Information

Property Management Maintenance is Planned and Scheduled For ProActive Planned Beautification of Properties, Client Housing, and Work Environments
Set Up Management Meetings with Specific Purposes
to Deliver the Culture & Change. Get Rid of Meetings That Have No Value (If You Dread Them Then They Have No Value). Use Data! (Is Your Meeting Like the Last Supper?)
What Other Specific Concrete Actions Did We Take? What Was the Plan???
Employees Focus on What the Leader Focuses On…..
So Focus on the Desired Organizational Identity and What You Want Accomplished.
Obtained an Electronic Health Record w Integrated Billing & Accounting Interface
Invested in Electronic Health Record : Credible Wireless
Integrated Data Points in E H R Tracking MACRA (The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) and QPP (The Quality Payment Program (QPP) which transforms the Medicare physician payment system from one focused on volume to one focused on value with SNOMED (Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine -- Clinical Terms) which is a standardized, multilingual vocabulary of clinical terminology that is used by physicians and other health care providers for the electronic exchange of clinical health information. CRISP Integration Also Utilized
Gave a Laptop and Smartphone to All Community Staff / New Computers for All Staff
Purchased New Vehicles for Almost 1 to 1 Use
Invested and Implemented in VOIP System
Adoption of Microsoft 365 for Email & Communication
Migrated All Data / Communication to the Cloud
Purchased and Implemented SAGE Accounting Package with HR MIS, Time Sheet Integration, and Property Management rolled into Financials
Redesigned the Website for Community / Referral Interface As its Only Mission- Add Chat Box
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