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If China slows down, would that bring negative effects on th

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Kayla Pierson

on 13 August 2015

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Transcript of If China slows down, would that bring negative effects on th

Yes, it would bring negative effects in the oil providing other countries because 75% comes from there. Europe will be affected in the industries area because a lot of demand for products come from China. It will affect countries like Greece, South Arabia and Germany in their economy and many other countries because China is a superpower.
If China slows down, would that bring negative effects on the world?
Economy, investments, oil exportation, industrial and technological exports, devaluation of their currency
What kind of effects would countries have to face if this actually happens?
The countries that would be more affected are the ones that are dependent from China because they aren´t like a superpower and need from other countries and don´t have a good economy. But the main ones would be Saudi Arabia and Africa.
Which countries would be affected the most?
They are affected by China's slowdown because China is the one who provides important commerce stuff and necessary elements to maintain a good economy, so if they are having a slowdown it will also affect their economy as they are kind of dependent from them.
European countries are identified as more vulnerable than others to be affected by China's slowdown. Why is that or what does it mean?
Is there enough proof that the primacy of the USA economic system is fading
Yes, in the New York times it is said that the USA primacy is ebbing, it used to be the world's global economic leadership, but now it is being retreated.
What should the USA government do if it would like to stay ahead of the game in the global economy?
They should help other countries by exporting the things they produce and have so they can help them having a better economy and better things to provide to the people, help needed countries.
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