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Winter Break Book Review

No description

Hannah McGill

on 4 January 2015

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Transcript of Winter Break Book Review

The Beautiful American
opens up with the Prologue and Nora, the main fictional character. Nora brings in a part about Churchill's voice on a radio congratulating the English again for making it through the war, showing this is occurring at the end of World War II. Then we find out that Nora's daughter is missing and she is searching all over France for her. That is when she runs into an old friend, Lee Miller.
After they run into each other and talk some it takes us back to the past. All the way back to Poughkeepsie, New York, where Nora and Lee were childhood friends.
Lee Miller
Lee Miller was a model for
and then became a photographer during WWII. She took photos of Dachau, a concentration camp. She also photographed the London Blitz.
How It Opens
Childhood Friends
We learn that Nora and Lee were playmates when they were young and Nora found out a devastating event that had happened to Lee. She had, unfortunately, been raped.
Paris, France
Nora and Jamie end up running into Lee in Paris with her lover named Man Ray. Man Ray was a famous photographer of surrealism. Man Ray had a friendship with Pablo Picasso.
Nora fell in love with a boy named Jamie, and she fled to France with him to help him pursue his dream of becoming a photographer.
At Grasse
While in Grasse, Nora goes through the fear of World War II.
After Nora was betrayed by Lee with her boyfriend she escaped to Grasse in Southern France, where she would have her baby.
The Beautiful American
By: Jeanne Mackin
Childhood and Young Adult Years
Paris to Grasse
Winter Break Book Review
The girls end up parting ways growing up.
They all four go through the depression together and some personal up and downs. Throughout this time you really get to see all the culture in Paris and how people were reacting to Hilter rising.
Pablo Picasso
He was a very influential artist and persuasive in his work.
He was a sculptor, painter, and printmaker. He was most famous for his co-creation of cubism.
And Nora has refugees stop at the house overnight and when it gets really bad Nora ends up running away with her daughter and her older friend. They run away to Switzerland.
There at Grasse, she goes to an older woman, named Madame Hughes who welcomes her into her home.
Coming Back
When they all return back to Grasse, the
story goes through how bad WWII hit
France. Madam Hughes eventually dies from a broken heart, when she finds out her son was killed for helping refugees. Then Nora's daughter turns up missing after being sexually assaulted.
That is what begins Nora's search. And where she runs into Lee. They end up hanging out for a couple of days and Lee finds Nora's daughter.
Unfortunately this book did not contain as much
history as I would have liked. It did have references to Hitler and World War II.
It really showed France's response to the depression and WWII. It was a great way to find out more about the culture in France as well.
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