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World War 1

Social Studies

Narrel Amara

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of World War 1

Daisy, Narrel, Giacinta, Billy World War 1 Member Member The Lusitania How WWI Ended ... small Europe was divided into 2 sides: Impact to the world Germany had been planning a large scale war War Declaration:
-France Declared war to the German
-Austria-Hungary declared war to Serbia
Joining the Allies:
-Montenegro with Serbia
On the side of the Allies:
Italy , Brazil, Romania, United States, China follows U.S, Greece followed, Italy
Joining the Central Powers:
Bulgaria, Ottoman empire, Germany, Austria-Hungary

British Empire: Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand
Belgium joined World War I against Germany Countries involved in World War 1 1. The Triple Alliance: Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy
They agreed to support each other if France or Russia attacked Triple Alliance Milestones of
World War I June 28
Gavrillo Princip assassinated Sir Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie The Triple Entente: Britain, France, and Russia
They felt threatened by Germany and its alliances July 5
Germany helps Austria-Hungary if should the Russians attack July 28
Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia 1894: France and Russia signed an alliance 1898: Germany build up its navy In ten years, Britain was allies with France and Russia The Origins of WWI 5-6 July
the german government issued a blank cheque to Austria-Hungary Assassination on 28 June 1914 They blame the Serbians Germany Offered full Support to Austria-Hungary Russia is Serbia's ally Germany declared war on Russia on August 1 1914 It affects Europe's Ideology Important Battles The Battle of Verdun
1916 Thank You For Your Attention Thanks from
Daisy, Narrel, Giacinta, Billy The Powers The Central Powers (Germany, austria-Hunagry, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire) August 19, 1914 President Woodrow Wilson of the U.S Neutral U.S But 2 major events forced the U.S to join the war May 7, 1915 A German Submarine sank a British ocean liner 159 American civilians died The Zimmerman Telegram The Zimmerman telegram was discovered in February 1917 Asking Mexico to join and fight in war Help take back the southwestern states In April 6 1917, the U.S joined the Allies against the Central Powers The Battle of the Marne
1914,1918 The Battles of Ypres
1914, 1915, 1917 The Battle of the Somme
1916 The Battle of Cambrai
1917 American soldiers mostly fought in France Because America joined the war, the Allies started to win Pushed the German out of France ULTIMATUM Serbia accepted all but one this became an excuse to start a war The German was starting to lose November 11, 1918, the Germans agreed to an armistice The Treaty of Versailles was made Germany's Goal to break up the triple entente Rule over all Europe to defeat France France helped Russia Germany had a plan:Schliffen Plan Schliffen Plan Attack France first when Russia is still preparing for war They went to France through Neutral Belgium The Allied Powers (Russia, Serbia, France Great Britain)-Main Countries
(Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Greece, Rome, Portugal)-other countries that joined World War 1 was called the Great War Because it was the longest war that lasted than the wars before. Many new technologies were introduced/first used in the war Belgium felt threatened and called for Britain's help Britain joined the war Impact to the world It started world war 2 because
Hitler didn't agree with the defeat
of Germany throughout the war Positive Negative It caused social and economic problems League of Nations was created They agreed to solve problems through diplomacy not war Any Question? World War I Plan XVII Britains and French met Germans neither side could move so they built trenches 4 years 1917: they need more men US were forced into war April 6, 1917: US declared war on Germany. Russia signed the Brest-Litovsk peace treaty with Germany on March 3, 1918. Hello there nicely done! secret found
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