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Lifestyle Financial Planning

A look at Lifetime Cashflow modelling

Mark Bugden

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of Lifestyle Financial Planning

Lifestyle Financial Planning
Mark Bugden
Thames Financial
What do we do?
Independent Financial Adviser
Financial Planner
Lifestyle Planner
What you're
expecting now!
Lots of performance charts
How much cheaper
pension A is than B
Is this ISA better than that ISA?
About you

Ships are safe in the harbour
that is not what ships do!
Feel the fear
and do it away.
What do you expect when
you take your car for a service?
As business owners you are told
you need to have:
A Business Plan
Marketing Plan
Budget Planning
Health & Safety
Public Liability
VAT returns
Tax Returns
and the list
could go on!
but do you ever take time to
stop and think about you?
Why do you do it all?
To be your own boss?
Like being the boss?
but do you ever do the same
planning for your
personal financial future
Lifestyle Financial Planning
what do you want?
What if I sell for £x?
What would happen if I died?
What happens if I become ill?
When could I give up?
What do I need to do to retire at x age?
Will take the guesswork out
How can we help
Ask yourself some questions

Life is not a rehearsal!
Planning WITH you rather than FOR you
What can I do about IHT
We all set business goals
take out the fear of ever running out of money
Helping clients to


their desired future lifestyle...
…without fear of ever running out of money.
WHAT do you need to do to ensure that you NEVER run out of money?
WHAT do you need to do to ensure that your family

are totally financially secure

WHATEVER happens.
And perhaps the biggest question of all…

Most people DON’T know what they want…

But they do know what they DON’T want…
And what they DON’T want…

…is anything LESS than what they’ve got NOW!
What is your number?
Mark Bugden
Thames Financial Planning
Mobile 07976 265089
Office 01932 500089
Twitter: mark_bugden
Blog: www.mark-bugden.me
Thames Financial Planning
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