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daughter of invention

No description

Fluffy McFluffikinzs

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of daughter of invention

Daughter of Invention summary In the story "Daughter of Invention, a family moves from the Dominican Republic to America. The father didn't think that it was safe for them to stay in the Dominican Republic. The mother loves to draw inventions, and the daughter, the narrator, loves to write. The three daughters feel like the mother has no time for them, because she spends her time trying to invent worthless items. The narrator is asked to write a speech for the school. She is going to read this speech in front of the entire school. There's a problem though. She can't think of anything to write. Then, while reading a book of Whitman's poems, She gets an idea and can't stop writing. When she reads the speech to her mother, her mother cries, and tells her it's beautiful. When she reads it to her father, he gets angry. He leaps up, and rips it into tiny pieces. The narrator calls him "Chapita",an nickname for the Dominican Republic dictator. Then she runs to her room and locks her door. That's when the father realized what he did. Finally, the father buys the narrator a brand new typewriter. It was a better typewriter then what she had asked for. Conflicts Internal:
The daughter feel like no one cares about her. (p.88)
The daughter can't think of what to write. (p.91)
The mother wants to be a good mother, but she cares more about her inventions then he family. (p.88)
The father is scared that the dictator will find and kill him. (p.95)
The father is angry that his girls have so much freedom. He likes traditions. (p.94) External:
The girl thinks her mom is stupid to try inventing things.(p.88)
The mother and father fight a lot. (p.94)
The dad tears up the speech. (p.94)
The girls are made fun of at school. (p.88) About the Author Julia Alvarez was born on March 27, 1950.
She was born in New York. When she was still
a baby, her parents moved back to the
Dominican Republic. They preferred the dictatorship.
Julia's father became involved in the underground
movement. This created many problems, so, when Julia was 10 her family moved back to New York. Four months after they moved, the people that ran the underground were murdered by Trujillo, the dictator's secret police. Julia was made fun of at school, but her mother insisted she just misheard them. Since stories in the Dominican Republic were handed down orally, Julia was very interested in books. She knew in high school, that she would be a writer. She wrote all the time, even though in that time period, only white people wrote. She went on to teach creative writing. Julia loved teaching, but she loved writing also. She now lives on a farm, and occasionally teaches a writing class at the local collage. Julia's first book, "How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents" was published in 1991. "Return to Sender" and " Before We Were Free" both won the American award. "A Cafecito" was given the Nebraska Book Award. What was it like in the Dominican Republic when Rafael Trujillo was the dictator? The election of Rafael Trujillo was rigged from the beginning.
He hired secret police to murder opposition. During his first year in office, there was a massive hurricane. Trujillo used this to put emergency taxes on people for his own personal profit. He also put many extra laws on the people. Trujillo renamed the capitol Ciudad Trujillo. He had statues of himself built everywhere. Trujillo tapped into the bank accounts of those who opposed him, and stole all of their money. He also took over large businesses, and took the profit for personal use. Rural communities suffered greatly during Trujillo's time in office. Trujillo disregarded the civil liberties of migrants. In 1937, he slaughtered thousands of Haitian immigrants. Trujillo governed by fear. He was in office until he was assassinated. What is life like in the Dominican Republic today? 60% of people in the Dominican Republic live in cities. Marriages are more equal today then they were in the past. In lower class families, the woman is the head of the house. This is because the father is often gone. In the middle class the father is the head of the house. The oldest man in the family is in authority. He also has responsibility for the entire family. The oldest woman has command over her household. When a girl gets married, she becomes part of her husbands family. There is no cost for school through 12th grade, except for uniforms and school supplies. It is mandatory for kids to go to school thru 6th grade, though many, most girls, drop out before this. I think that papi is afraid that the Dominican Republic Secret Police will follow them to America. If they find him they would kill him, because he was part of the underground.

Mami likes to invent things, because women don't have the freedom to create their own ideas in the Dominican Republic. This gives her a way to express herself.

I think the daughter thinks it's important to celebrate her success for the same reason that Mami loves to invent. They never had the freedom before. In the Dominican Republic, the most a girl accomplishes is going to school, and doing house work. Sources:
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