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Educational Technology

No description

Alisha Burrows

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Educational Technology

Educational Technology in the Classroom
What is Educational Technology?
Definition: is the study and ethical practice of facilitating e-learning, which is the learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resource( Richey,2008).

Why is it used?
To improve school learning and instruction through the effective utilization of educational media and technology by enhancing collaboration within the K-12 environment. (Singh,2008)
What to Watch out for :
*Be sure that all students understand internet safety!

*Be sure that the use of technology in a lesson has a

*Be sure that students do not become distracted by use of technology when they are completing and educational task!
How Wireless Technology Plays a Role in my Classroom:
Gaining knowledge and life skills
Innovative Technologies:
How Educational Technology Plays a Role in Lesson Plans:
There are many reasons for integrating technology into lessons:
*expands student's understanding of a new topic
*increases student motivation to learn
*Build valuable skills that students will need in college and the work place. (Elizabeth,M)
Applicable to many different learning styles (Elizabeth,M)

Why does this matter to you as a parent?
in a classroom
MUST have
a purpose!
Students will have
access to tools such as
laptops, computers, thumb drives, internet access, eBooks, hand held
communication devices
and interactive white
Works Cited:
*As a parent it is important
to be aware of the tools
that your children will
have access to.

*Teach your children
internet safety

*Understand Acceptable Use Policy

*encourage learning and educational goals

*Increased motivation and self esteem
*technical skills
Accomplishment of More Complex Tasks

*Increase communication between students and teacher.

*increase collaboration

*greater access to information, tools and resources.
Singh,R(2008).Retrived from website:
Richey,R.C.(2008).Reflections on the AECT Definations of the Feild.TechTrends.52(1)24-25
Elizabeth.M.(n.d).Retrived from http://www.glencoe.com.sec/teachingtoday/subject/tech_intergration.pht
"Students still learn the same way that they always have: by comparing new information with previously acquired knowledge and skills. However, students today have different preferences for how information is presented, based on their experiences with computer technology." (Elizabeth,M).

These tools allow for all types of
learners to engage in the class material by providing hands on skills, visuals, audio and other multimedia resources.
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